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LiveTime is a cutting edge timing and scoring system for R/C car racing. It has the largest feature set of any system, is built to be stable, and has a simply beautiful interface. From all of us Startrax Oval Motorsport we would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. 2020 has been a year that hasn't lacked in challenge and there has been some tough times for all of us. Mylaps Event Results free download - Desktop iCalendar Lite, MYLAPS Practice Results, Desktop Calendar, and many more programs.

U-485: USB to RS485 Serial Port Converter

The new U-485 is a USB-to RS485 converter that converts the PC's USB port directly to a two-wire RS485 interface. The converter is powered directly by the USB port and hence minimal wiring is required to connect your PC to any devices that has two-wire RS485 interface (e.g. All TRiLOGI brand of PLCs have at least 1 built-in RS485 port and on Nano-10 that's its only serial port).

With U-485 you can use the i-TRiLOGI + TLServer software to program a network of M-series, F-series and/or Nano-10 PLCs from a single PC. U-485 is also a great tool for trouble-shooting RS485 communication issues between devices.

1. U-485 Setup Guide
2. U-485 Driver (Windows XP & Vista)
3. U-485 Driver (Windows 7)


1) For users whose PC already has a built-in RS232 port or USB-RS232 converter, another option is to use the Auto485 converter to convert the RS232 port into an RS485 port. However, since Auto485 is not port powered, it may be less convenient to use than the U-485 converter for programming purpose.

Mylaps Driver Download Windows 10

2) This converter is only used for converting a PC's USB port to RS485. It DOES NOT CONVERT a PLC's RS485 INTO a USB HOST port for connecting to say a mouse or a serial printer! USB to RS485 conversion is not a simple electrical interface changeover and therefore it is NOT possible for the PLC to interface to those standard USB peripherals such as a keyboard, a mouse or a USB Flash Drive.

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Time, Upload & Snap

Now racers can take a selfie or upload an image with their racing stats. Then overlay the picture with their racing position, best lap, positions gained or event info. Racers can share these images with friends and family on their favorite social media platform.

Upload event results to the Speedhive platform to make sure your racers are not missing out!

Your Results Connect Racers

Don’t let your racers miss any results from their friends anymore. Once a driver’s result is in Speedhive they can be followed by their friends and family and get notified of their latest activity.

Now racers can also share their driving skills with followers by adding YouTube videos to their Speedhive profile.

Upload results to Speedhive and

give racers the ultimate experience

Upload results from Orbits to Speedhive

Mylaps Driver Download

Uploading the results of a race you’ve timed has never been easier. Learn how to upload results from Orbits to Speedhive within only 2-minutes.

How to setup Speedhive Live Timing

Mylaps driver download free

Mylaps Driver Download Windows 7

MylapsMylaps Driver Download

Mylaps Driver Download Free

In this quick 1-minute video you will learn how to setup Speedhive Live Timing in Orbits to get your Live Tracking in Speedhive.