MSI Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10


MSI sound cards Operating System Versions: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x64, x86). MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard Compatible Sound Cards - PCPartPicker.

Many MSI motherboard users can’t get their audio drivers quickly. They have to spend a lot of time searching on the Internet and identifying the correct drivers for their system. And this is frustrating.

MSI Laptop - No Sound from Speakers in Windows 10. MSI PC has no sound after Windows 10 Upgrade. MSI Laptop No Sound After Win 10 Upgrade. MSI Desktop Sound. Manhattan Hi-Speed USB 2.0 3D 7.1 Sound Adapter, External Sound Card with 3.5 mm Audio and Microphone Ports, 7.1-Channel Virtual 3D Surround Sound, Internal Amplifier and Volume Controls 2.9 out of 5 stars 2.

But don’t worry. The following is a better method for updating drivers. It has helped a lot of Windows users get all the updates more efficiently.

Better solution to update your MSI sound driver

If you want to get the latest and correct updates for your MSI sound driver, and if you want to get them quickly and automatically, you can use Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

You can download and install your drivers by using either Free or Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes only 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee):

1) Download and Install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

3) Click the Update button next to the MSI audio device to download the latest and correct driver for it. You can also click the Update All button at the bottom right to automatically update all outdated or missing drivers on your computer (this requires the Pro version — you will be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All).

The 3D sound expert

Nahimic audio software offers an incredible high definition sound technology which boosts the audio and voice performance of your gaming computer. Enjoy an immersive virtual 7.1 sound through your standard stereo equipment!

Msi Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 Free

And game comes true

Msi Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 64

Nahimic Immersive Audio becomes
your special weapon in-game

Sound is a major part of your gaming experience.
Live intensively the game thanks to a unique sound!

Use your headphones and experience the audio with and without Nahimic.

Your browser does not support the audio format.

Surround sound

Highly Immersive 7.1

Feels like the sound is coming from all around you. No matter the quality and type of your audio device, Nahimic will always provide you the best immersive audio experience

It’s a smart volume stabilizer, that guarantees a comfortable listening by permanently adjusting differences in level for the best performance at all volumes

In order to get a crispy dialog from a movie or game, our advanced audio technology identifies and treats the center sound information, where dialogs are located


Bass Boost audio feature delivers deep low frequency that punches some live feeling like explosion, engine, beats, etc.


This sound effect enhances the high frequencies, that you can perceive all details in your game or movie. A real advantage to clearly hear the location of footsteps or gunshots in your game


Loud and clear

Quality of communication between teammates is strategic

MSI Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10

Nahimic guarantees the perfection of your voice transmissions.
Your team will hear you loud and clear, giving you a huge advantage in the battlefield.

Static noise suppression

Our noise suppression technology improves communication clarity and quality by drastically removing static noises like the ones generated by electronic devices (fans)

Echo cancellation

This algorithm was made to prevent the nearby microphone from recording any sound reflected from the loudspeakers. Your conversation is now echo free !

Lateral sound cancellation

Msi Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 32

This extreme beamforming function allows to focus only in the voice signal in front of the microphone. It removes stationary noise from outside this beam, thus your conversation with your mate becomes extremely clear

Voice stabilizer

Voice stabilizer is an audio feature that is adjusting dynamically the variation of your voice. It ensures an intelligible conversation with your mates

The smartest way to locate your target

A companion to explore your playfield

Based on it state-of-the-art Surround Sound Technology, the unique patented Sound Tracker provides a visual indication that permits better localization of the sounds while in the game. New to a game ? The Sound tracker acts like a radar in your game and will be your best ally to navigate through an unfamiliar environment.

Discreet design

The Sound Tracker is made of moving beams in a round radar. Easy configure its position, size, colour, and transparency for an optimal in-game integration.

Customize the radar that best matches the environment of your game and display it in the perfect spot on your screen (depending on the game) for maximum visual comfort

Extended compatibility

Don't limit yourself play the sound in any audio devices

Msi Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 64-bit

Msi sound cards & media devices driver download for windows 10 64-bitMsi sound cards & media devices driver download for windows 10 64MSI Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10


Your ultimate communication solution

VoiceBoost is a VOLUME AUDIO MIXER that manages VOIP & Apps audio volume. And is the smartest tool for gamers playing online multiplayers games.

VoiceBoost gives communication PRIORITY TO THE VOICE of the team over the game sound in order to have the CLEAREST COMMUNICATION between them

Only available in your favorite DRAGON CENTER/GAMING APP

*User interface differs on different product lines.