Moxa Port Devices Driver


NPort Device Server. Moxa's serial-to-Ethernet products are specifically designed to allow industrial devices to be directly accessible from the network. Legacy devices can thus be transformed into Ethernet devices, which can be monitored and controlled from any network location or even the Internet. Different configurations and features are available for specific applications, such as protocol conversion, Real COM drivers, and TCP operation modes to name a few. The UPort® 1000 Series of USB-to-serial converters is the perfect accessory for laptop. This package contains the files needed for installing the Moxa UPort 1110 driver. If it has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix problems, add new functions, or expand.


This file is outdated. It needs some care in order to make itupdated to Kernel 5.0 and upper

Copyright (C) 2008, Moxa Inc.

Date: 01/21/2008

1. Introduction¶

The Smartio/Industio/UPCI family Linux driver supports following multiportboards.

  • 2 ports multiport board
    CP-102U, CP-102UL, CP-102UFCP-132U-I, CP-132UL,CP-132, CP-132I, CP132S, CP-132IS,CI-132, CI-132I, CI-132IS,(C102H, C102HI, C102HIS, C102P, CP-102, CP-102S)
  • 4 ports multiport board
    CP-104EL,CP-104UL, CP-104JU,CP-134U, CP-134U-I,C104H/PCI, C104HS/PCI,CP-114, CP-114I, CP-114S, CP-114IS, CP-114UL,C104H, C104HS,CI-104J, CI-104JS,CI-134, CI-134I, CI-134IS,(C114HI, CT-114I, C104P),POS-104UL,CB-114,CB-134I
  • 8 ports multiport board
    CP-118EL, CP-168EL,CP-118U, CP-168U,C168H/PCI,C168H, C168HS,(C168P),CB-108

This driver and installation procedure have been developed upon Linux Kernel2.4.x and 2.6.x. This driver supports Intel x86 hardware platform. In orderto maintain compatibility, this version has also been properly tested withRedHat, Mandrake, Fedora and S.u.S.E Linux. However, if compatibility problemoccurs, please contact Moxa at

In addition to device driver, useful utilities are also provided in thisversion. They are:

  • msdiag
    Diagnostic program for displaying installed MoxaSmartio/Industio boards.
  • msmon
    Monitor program to observe data count and line status signals.
  • msterm A simple terminal program which is useful in testing serial
  • io-irq.exe
    Configuration program to setup ISA boards. Please note thatthis program can only be executed under DOS.

All the drivers and utilities are published in form of source code underGNU General Public License in this version. Please refer to GNU GeneralPublic License announcement in each source code file for more detail.

In Moxa’s Web sites, you may always find latest driver at

This version of driver can be installed as Loadable Module (Module driver)or built-in into kernel (Static driver). You may refer to followinginstallation procedure for suitable one. Before you install the driver,please refer to hardware installation procedure in the User’s Manual.

We assume the user should be familiar with following documents.

  • Serial-HOWTO
  • Kernel-HOWTO

2. System Requirement¶

  • Hardware platform: Intel x86 machine
  • Kernel version: 2.4.x or 2.6.x
  • gcc version 2.72 or later
  • Maximum 4 boards can be installed in combination

3. Installation¶

3.1 Hardware installation¶

There are two types of buses, ISA and PCI, for Smartio/Industiofamily multiport board.

ISA board¶

You’ll have to configure CAP address, I/O address, Interrupt Vectoras well as IRQ before installing this driver. Please refer to hardwareinstallation procedure in User’s Manual before proceed any further.Please make sure the JP1 is open after the ISA board is set properly.

PCI/UPCI board¶

You may need to adjust IRQ usage in BIOS to avoid from IRQ conflictwith other ISA devices. Please refer to hardware installationprocedure in User’s Manual in advance.

PCI IRQ Sharing¶

Each port within the same multiport board shares the same IRQ. Up to4 Moxa Smartio/Industio PCI Family multiport boards can be installedtogether on one system and they can share the same IRQ.

3.2 Driver files¶

The driver file may be obtained from ftp, CD-ROM or floppy disk. Thefirst step, anyway, is to copy driver file “mxser.tgz” into specifieddirectory. e.g. /moxa. The execute commands as below:


3.3 Device naming convention¶

You may find all the driver and utilities files in /moxa/mxser.Following installation procedure depends on the model you’d like torun the driver. If you prefer module driver, please refer to 3.4.If static driver is required, please refer to 3.5.

Dialin and callout port¶

This driver remains traditional serial device properties. There aretwo special file name for each serial port. One is dial-in portwhich is named “ttyMxx”. For callout port, the naming conventionis “cumxx”.

Device naming when more than 2 boards installed¶

Naming convention for each Smartio/Industio multiport board ispre-defined as below.

Board Num.Dial-in PortCallout port
1st boardttyM0 - ttyM7cum0 - cum7
2nd boardttyM8 - ttyM15cum8 - cum15
3rd boardttyM16 - ttyM23cum16 - cum23
4th boardttyM24 - ttym31cum24 - cum31


Under Kernel 2.6 and upper, the cum Device is Obsolete. So use ttyM*device instead.

Board sequence¶

This driver will activate ISA boards according to the parameter setin the driver. After all specified ISA board activated, PCI boardwill be installed in the system automatically driven.Therefore the board number is sorted by the CAP address of ISA boards.For PCI boards, their sequence will be after ISA boards and C168H/PCIhas higher priority than C104H/PCI boards.

3.4 Module driver configuration¶

Module driver is easiest way to install. If you prefer static driverinstallation, please skip this paragraph.

————- Prepare to use the MOXA driver ——————–

3.4.1 Create tty device with correct major number¶

Before using MOXA driver, your system must have the tty deviceswhich are created with driver’s major number. We offer one shellscript “msmknod” to simplify the procedure.This step is only needed to be executed once. But you stillneed to do this procedure when:

  1. You change the driver’s major number. Please refer the “3.7”section.
  2. Your total installed MOXA boards number is changed. Maybe youadd/delete one MOXA board.
  3. You want to change the tty name. This needs to modify theshell script “msmknod”

The procedure is:

This shell script will require the major number for dial-indevice and callout device to create tty device. You also needto specify the total installed MOXA board number. Default majornumbers for dial-in device and callout device are 30, 35. Ifyou need to change to other number, please refer section “3.7”for more detailed procedure.Msmknod will delete any special files occupying the same devicenaming.

3.4.2 Build the MOXA driver and utilities¶

Before using the MOXA driver and utilities, you need compile theall the source code. This step is only need to be executed once.But you still re-compile the source code if you modify the sourcecode. For example, if you change the driver’s major number (see“3.7” section), then you need to do this step again.

Moxa Port Devices Drivers

Find “Makefile” in /moxa/mxser, then run


The driver files “mxser.o” and utilities will be properly compiledand copied to system directories respectively.

————- Load MOXA driver——————–

3.4.3 Load the MOXA driver¶

will activate the module driver. You may run “lsmod” to checkif “mxser” is activated. If the MOXA board is ISA board, the<argument> is needed. Please refer to section “3.4.5” for moreinformation.

————- Load MOXA driver on boot ——————–

3.4.4 Load the mxser driver¶

For the above description, you may manually execute“modprobe mxser” to activate this driver and run“rmmod mxser” to remove it.

However, it’s better to have a boot time configuration toeliminate manual operation. Boot time configuration can beachieved by rc file. We offer one “rc.mxser” file to simplifythe procedure under “moxa/mxser/driver”.

But if you use ISA board, please modify the “modprobe …” commandto add the argument (see “3.4.5” section). After modifying therc.mxser, please try to execute “/moxa/mxser/driver/rc.mxser”manually to make sure the modification is ok. If any errorencountered, please try to modify again. If the modification iscompleted, follow the below step.

Run following command for setting rc files:

Check “rc.serial” is existed or not. If “rc.serial” doesn’t exist,create it by vi, run “chmod 755 rc.serial” to change the permission.

Add “/etc/rc.d/rc.mxser” in last line.

Reboot and check if moxa.o activated by “lsmod” command.

3.4.5. specify CAP address¶

If you’d like to drive Smartio/Industio ISA boards in the system,you’ll have to add parameter to specify CAP address of givenboard while activating “mxser.o”. The format for parameters areas follows.:

3.5 Static driver configuration for Linux kernel 2.4.x and 2.6.x¶

To use static driver, you must install the linux kernelsource package.

3.5.2 Create link¶

3.5.3 Add CAP address list for ISA boards.¶

For PCI boards user, please skip this step.

In module mode, the CAP address for ISA board is given byparameter. In static driver configuration, you’ll have toassign it within driver’s source code. If you will notinstall any ISA boards, you may skip to next portion.The instructions to modify driver source code are asbelow.

  1. run:

  2. Find the array mxserBoardCAP[] as below:

  3. Change the address within this array using vi. Forexample, to driver 2 ISA boards with CAP address0x280 and 0x180 as 1st and 2nd board. Just to changethe source code as follows:

3.5.4 Setup kernel configuration¶

Configure the kernel:

You will go into a menu-driven system. Please select [Characterdevices][Non-standard serial port support], enable the [MoxaSmartIO support] driver with “[*]” for built-in (not “[M]”), thenselect [Exit] to exit this program.

3.5.5 Rebuild kernel¶

The following are for Linux kernel rebuilding, for yourreference only.

For appropriate details, please refer to the Linux document:

  1. Run the following commands:

  1. Please make sure the boot kernel (vmlinuz) is in thecorrect position.
  2. If you use ‘lilo’ utility, you should check /etc/lilo.conf‘image’ item specified the path which is the ‘vmlinuz’ path,or you will load wrong (or old) boot kernel image (vmlinuz).After checking /etc/lilo.conf, please run “lilo”.
Note that if the result of “make bzImage” is ERROR, then you have togo back to Linux configuration Setup. Type “make menuconfig” indirectory /usr/src/linux.
Moxa Port Devices Driver

3.5.6 Make tty device and special file¶

3.5.7 Make utility¶

3.5.8 Reboot¶


3.6 Custom configuration¶

Although this driver already provides you default configuration, youstill can change the device name and major number. The instruction tochange these parameters are shown as below.
  1. Change Device name

    If you’d like to use other device names instead of default namingconvention, all you have to do is to modify the internal codewithin the shell script “msmknod”. First, you have to open “msmknod”by vi. Locate each line contains “ttyM” and “cum” and change themto the device name you desired. “msmknod” creates the device namesyou need next time executed.

  2. Change Major number

    If major number 30 and 35 had been occupied, you may have to select2 free major numbers for this driver. There are 3 steps to changemajor numbers.

3.6.1 Find free major numbers¶

In /proc/devices, you may find all the major numbers occupiedin the system. Please select 2 major numbers that are available.e.g. 40, 45.

3.6.2 Create special files¶

Run /moxa/mxser/driver/msmknod to create special files withspecified major numbers.

3.6.3 Modify driver with new major number¶

Run vi to open /moxa/mxser/driver/mxser.c. Locate the linecontains “MXSERMAJOR”. Change the content as below:

3.7 Verify driver installation¶

You may refer to /var/log/messages to check the latest statuslog reported by this driver whenever it’s activated.

4. Utilities¶

There are 3 utilities contained in this driver. They are msdiag, msmon andmsterm. These 3 utilities are released in form of source code. They shouldbe compiled into executable file and copied into /usr/bin.

Before using these utilities, please load driver (refer 3.4 & 3.5) andmake sure you had run the “msmknod” utility.

msdiag - Diagnostic¶

Moxa Port Devices Driver Updater

This utility provides the function to display what Moxa Smartio/Industioboard found by driver in the system.

msmon - Port Monitoring¶

This utility gives the user a quick view about all the MOXA ports’activities. One can easily learn each port’s total received/transmitted(Rx/Tx) character count since the time when the monitoring is started.

Rx/Tx throughputs per second are also reported in interval basis (e.g.the last 5 seconds) and in average basis (since the time the monitoringis started). You can reset all ports’ count by <HOME> key. <+> <->(plus/minus) keys to change the displaying time interval. Press <ENTER>on the port, that cursor stay, to view the port’s communicationparameters, signal status, and input/output queue.

msterm - Terminal Emulation¶

This utility provides data sending and receiving ability of all tty ports,especially for MOXA ports. It is quite useful for testing simpleapplication, for example, sending AT command to a modem connected to theport or used as a terminal for login purpose. Note that this is only adumb terminal emulation without handling full screen operation.

5. Setserial¶

Supported Setserial parameters are listed as below.

uartset UART type(16450–>disable FIFO, 16550A–>enable FIFO)
close_delayset the amount of time(in 1/100 of a second) that DTRshould be kept low while being closed.
closing_waitset the amount of time(in 1/100 of a second) that theserial port should wait for data to be drained whilebeing closed, before the receiver is disable.
spd_hiUse 57.6kb when the application requests 38.4kb.
spd_vhiUse 115.2kb when the application requests 38.4kb.
spd_shiUse 230.4kb when the application requests 38.4kb.
spd_warpUse 460.8kb when the application requests 38.4kb.
spd_normalUse 38.4kb when the application requests 38.4kb.
spd_custUse the custom divisor to set the speed when theapplication requests 38.4kb.
divisorThis option set the custom division.
baud_baseThis option set the base baud rate.

6. Troubleshooting¶

The boot time error messages and solutions are stated as clearly aspossible. If all the possible solutions fail, please contact our technicalsupport team to get more help.

Error msg:
More than 4 Moxa Smartio/Industio family boards found. Fifth boardand after are ignored.

Solution:To avoid this problem, please unplug fifth and after board, because Moxadriver supports up to 4 boards.

Error msg:
Request_irq fail, IRQ(?) may be conflict with another device.

Solution:Other PCI or ISA devices occupy the assigned IRQ. If you are not surewhich device causes the situation, please check /proc/interrupts to findfree IRQ and simply change another free IRQ for Moxa board.

Error msg:
Board #: C1xx Series(CAP=xxx) interrupt number invalid.

Solution:Each port within the same multiport board shares the same IRQ. Please setone IRQ (IRQ doesn’t equal to zero) for one Moxa board.

Error msg:
No interrupt vector be set for Moxa ISA board(CAP=xxx).

Solution:Moxa ISA board needs an interrupt vector.Please refer to user’s manual“Hardware Installation” chapter to set interrupt vector.

Error msg:
Couldn’t install MOXA Smartio/Industio family driver!

Solution:Load Moxa driver fail, the major number may conflict with other devices.Please refer to previous section 3.7 to change a free major number forMoxa driver.

Error msg:
Couldn’t install MOXA Smartio/Industio family callout driver!

Solution:Load Moxa callout driver fail, the callout device major number mayconflict with other devices. Please refer to previous section 3.7 tochange a free callout device major number for Moxa driver.

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