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MiX Telematics partners with customers from various regions and industries to protect their drivers and mobile assets. Real-time, historical and trailer tracking are our key security offerings, designed to enhance personal safety and security, as well as security for commercial fleets. Fleet Managers face a number of challenges on a daily basis, one of which is their duty of care to protect drivers and ensure eet safety. Fleet drivers are up to 50%1 more likely to be hurt or killed in road crashes than any other type of driver, and the annual economic cost of road crashes in Australia is enormous - estimated at $27 billion per annum2 (according to the Department of.

  1. Download useful information on all areas of vehicle telematics including fleet management, driver behavior, safety, efficiency and legal compliance Free Downloads Resources MiX Telematics MiX Telematics is open for business and COVID-19 ready.
  2. MiX Telematics is a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions delivered as SaaS to more than three quarters of a million subscribers in over 120 countries. The company’s products and services provide enterprise fleets, small fleets and consumers with solutions for efficiency, safety, compliance and security.
MyMiX is the new driver-focused technology platform from MiX Telematics
The primary purpose of MyMiX is to improve driver engagement within an organisation.
MyMiX does this by providing drivers with direct access to information which is relevant to their driving performance and how they go about their job on a daily basis.The first generation of MyMiX is focused on delivering driver scoring information which will allow drivers to better understand their driving style and give them a better chance of achieving improvements.
The MyMiX platform will be used in future as an enabling technology to support delivery of all driver-centric safety and efficiency-related information, specifically focusing on driver self-management.
MyMiX Driver Scoring has the following features:
-Weekly/daily scoring
-Six-monthly trend analysis
-Support for MiX RIBAS and RAG scoring models
-Location on map
-Vehicles utilised
-Scoring and fuel consumption by vehicle
-Rank in site
-Rank in organisation
-Supervisors utilization report
-Flexible scoring model configuration on available models
The primary benefits which come from using MyMiX Driver Scoring as the foundation upon which to improve driver engagement are:
1. An informed and engaged driver is a safer driver
2. A safer driver:
-Has less health and safety incidents
-Improves the operational efficiency of the business
-Reduces operational costs to the business
-Delivers a superior customer service/experience
-Reduces risk exposure to the business
Mix telematics driver download for windows 8.1
Download useful information on all areas of vehicle telematics including fleet management, driver behaviour, safety, efficiency and legal compliance.
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Mix Telematics Driver Download For Windows 64-bit

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Mix Telematics Driver Download For Windows

Introducing MyMiX, an innovative driver engagement platform that helps fleets run safer and more efficient operations.