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- Measuring tools with RS232 output and converters Advanced Systems and Design, Inc. Gage converters (Mitutoyo to RS232, etc.) Midwest FlexSystems, Inc. Gage converters (Mitutoyo to RS232, etc.) Imada - Force gages Mark-10 - Force gages. Midwest FlexSystems, Inc. Midwestflex.com MidwestFlex is a manufacturer of gage interfaces and gage cables to connect Mitutoyo. Instead of a complex driver, the. PC Ware APMCP61-D3 (with VIA chipset) Free Driver Download for Windows 7, Vista, XP - APMCP61-D3AudioVIA11NM.zip. World's most popular driver download.


The FlexPort FP-M29 accepts the signal from Mitutoyo and digimatic output devices and converts it to a standardized format (RS232 serial). It sends the readings to your computer's communication port (serial port). Regardless of the format of the reading, the FP-M29 will convert the reading into a standard configuration. Since Midwest FlexSystems works with most SPC vendors, nearly all software packages have a driver for this format. Programs running on the computer capture this reading and place it into your software, providing error free data entry.


Sending data to your computer is easy.

The FlexPort FP-M29 offers two ways to request that a reading be sent to your PC:
- Send button (just press the data button on the gage or cable)
- PC host commands (Send commands from PC to request a reading be sent)

The FlexPort FP-M29 draws power directly from the DB9 serial port.

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Optional: Use the USB converter cable to convert the DB9 output to USB. The USB cable will install a Virtual COM Port, allowing data collection software to see and read the interface as if it were connected to a standard serial port.

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Weight (in lbs)0.25
ManufacturerMidwest FlexSystems Inc
Number of inputs1 Mitutoyo Only
Input typeMitutoyo Only = Mitutoyo Digimatic and MTI Compatibles
Output typeStandard RS232
Power SupplyPowered via RS232 Port
Gage Input Connector10-pin Male (Mitutoyo Digimatic)
Output ConnectorDB9 Female