Microtek SCSI & RAID Devices Driver

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Designed for photography professionals, the AS4000t is a true 36-bit 35mm slide, filmstrip, and APS scanner capable of capturing images at up to 4,000 dpi optical and 8,000 dpi interpolated resolutions. The X6EL was their model number for the SCSI scanner that came with an Adeptec SCSI card. The X6S was the number for the SCSI scanner packaged for the Mac (no SCSI card included).

Microtek scsi & raid devices drivers

updated on 12.1.2002 (eichholz).

This project has produced an Open Source driver for theScanMaker 3600 and possibly other Microtek scanners if there are anythat are similar. The initial target OS is Linux, because that is whatthe developers currently use, but we will do our best to design thecode so that it can be ported to other operating systems like theBSD's.

Microtek scsi & raid devices driver download


See the main sourceforge projectpage for various sources.

The plain SANE backend is incorporated in the SANE-backend packagesince version 1.0.5. So there is not always need to install thesm3600 package. There ist no kernel patch or driverrequired!. Only a recent libusb (>= 0.1.3b is ok)and USBFS is required.

This package privides some more material:

  • Development READMEs
  • The commandline tools scantool for debugging, testing anddirect Scanner-To-PCL copying
  • Some interesting scanner logfiles
  • Some tools for SNOOPY logfile processing.

To get the source tree, please see the CVS page forinstructions. You can also get a more or less recent source tarball here.

To keep current with progress check the 'news' section atour sourceforgeproject page.


Compatible scanners

  • ScanMaker 3600 The driver works with the ScanMaker 3600,since that is the model that the developers have.
  • ScanMaker 3700, 3750 Microtek have told us that the 3700and 3750 use the same hardware as the 3600 so those scanners shouldalso work, however currently we haven't heard from anyone that hastried the driver with one of these.
  • ScanMaker 3630 Microtek have told us that the 3630 usesdifferent hardware to the 3600 and 37?0 scanners so it is veryunlikely that the driver will work with scanner. However we wouldlove to see a Snoopy trace for it. If you want to supply this thenplease contact the developers.


  1. The backend seems to work quite reliable for most ofus. Some scanners cause problems with the slider return code insm3600-homerun.c. If Your very scanner is one of them,Your help is apprechiated.
  2. Since we use usblib, You cannot scan as mere user withoutsetting the file permissions of the kernel magic files each time Youswitch Your scanner on.
  3. See the hotplugging info for acomfortable solution fort the permission issue.

Useful links

Linux USB home page, Linux Hotplug homepage and USB library homepage.

The USB home page is where you candownload the USB spec.

The SANE (scanner access noweasy) home page.

Microtek Scsi & Raid Devices Driver Download

usb-robot is coupleof programs that allow you to send commands to usb devices. Theusbsnoopy replay feature does not currently work with the ScanMaker3600, but the 'usb-robot-slave' program works and usb-robot providesan example of how to use libusb.

The FTP sitefor Microtek SCSI command sets.

Jonathan Buzzard's Linux USBScanner page.


USB snoopy is a couple ofutilities that allow you to spy on a windows USB driver.

We have a few scripts that do various useful things to theusbsnoopy logs like extracting the relevant scanner protocol data andproducing output suitable for usb-robot-slave. These are availablefrom CVS.

Scanner information

Microtek Scsi & Raid Devices Drivers

The scanner is built around a Toshiba TC90A52F which is a ScannerProcessor ASIC with intregal USB. The board in my scanner has part no. YG6U-9903REV-D and contains the ASIC and an EliteMT M11B416256A RAM chip. Ihaven't found any info about the RAM chip yet. The inside of the coverhas a calibration strip at the top end that can be seen in this picture.

Microtek Scsi & Raid Devices Driver Updater

The scanner does not use scsi-over-usb like some of the otherMicrotek USB scanners but instead uses a register transfer protocolto communicate directly with the scanner controller.

Getting the scanner to go requires two separate drivers, a USBprotocol driver to handle the communications with the scanner and ascanner protocol driver to tell the scanner what to do. The hardestpart will be reverse engineering the scanner protocol. FortunatelyMicrotek have come to the party and supplied the documentation forthe scanner, thanks Microtek!, and the driver is nowvery usable.

The scanner protocol driver has been written as a SANE backend and the USB protocoldriver we are currently using is libusb. The USB code isintegrated into the SANE backend. There is also a version of a Linux kernel driver underdevelopment however at this stage (mid May 2001) the backend onlyuses libusb.

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