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Joint News Release by Infineon Technologies and Micronas
Munich/Zurich, October 24, 2000 –Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG, Zurich, and Infineon Technologies AG, Munich (FSE/NYSE: IFX), today announced that Micronas has acquired Infineon’s ”Image and Video” consumer electronics integrated circuits operations, with economic effect from August 1, 2000. The transaction, worth a total of EUR 250 million, includes development and sales activities and 130 former Infineon employees. In the business year ending September 2000 'Image and Video' had a total net sale of approximately 135 million Euro. For the Micronas Group, the acquisition represents an investment in complementary technology and markets that will allow the company to significantly expand its expertise in the audio and video area. By selling ”Image and Video”, Infineon will be able to more effectively concentrate resources on its core business.
”With this acquisition, Micronas has taken a decisive step forward in its video business. By augmenting our core audio and video operations, we are reinforcing our leadership in the key competencies of the rapidly growing multimedia market,” said CEO of the Micronas Group, Dr. Wolfgang Kalsbach.
”The sale of ‘Image and Video’ is a key step in our strategy, which was announced previously, of focusing on the communications markets. By optimizing our portfolio, we can concentrate more closely on our target segments: optical networking, broadband communication and future mobile communication technologies”, explained Dr. Ulrich Schumacher, President and CEO of Infineon Technologies. ”We are pleased that Micronas will continue to grow our solid Consumer-IC business in the interest of the existing customers.”
The ”Image and Video” division develops and markets integrated circuits for consumer electronics applications (television and video recorder applications),covering five product segments: teletext and data services (Videotext, closed caption), scan rate conversion (100Hz, progressive scan, deflection), Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Video Recording Services (VPS/PDC), and digital TV. The division is a market leader in the text/VPS/PDC and PIP segments and a global leader in the 100Hz market.
Pending approval from the responsible anti-trust authority, the transaction will be completed with economic effect from August 1, 2000. The transaction does not include any manufacturing facilities. The ”Image and Video” business was sold through a controlled auction process. Schroder Salomon Smith Barney advised Infineon Technologies on the sale of “Image and Video”; Micronas was advised by UBS Warburg.

About Micronas

Micronas is an internationally active semiconductor company with its head office in Zurich. Its operations comprise the development, manufacture and sale of integrated circuits and sensors for applications in home entertainment, multimedia and automotive electronics. Micronas’ strategy is to further expand its position as a global provider of semiconductors for the consumer goods and automotive industries in the areas of image, sound, data and sensors; it aims to exploit the opportunities provided by new technological developments to secure long-term business success. Micronas Holding is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and on Frankfurt’s Neuer Markt. Further information available at www.micronas.com.
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Computer Sound Cards

PC sound card with Aureal Vortex AU8820B2-chip.png 1,215 × 1,166; 1.77 MB POKEY chip on an Atari 130XE motherboard.jpg 2,685 × 1,947; 3.8 MB PSG demo00(blueMsx).ogg 20 s; 82 KB. This plugin works together with Micronas popular USB audio chips UAC355xB (see www.micronas.com). By simply plugging this USB Audio device to the USB bus, you instantly have an additional sound channel available. MICRONAS makes the sound card redundant Freiburg, September 1999 - The new USB audio controller from MICRONAS renders the use of sound cards unnecessary in future.