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Some UPS'es will restart no matter what, even if the power is (still) out at the moment this timer elapses. In that case, you could try if setting ondelay = -1 in ups.conf helps. Warning ondelay parameter was set in ten seconds unit in the legacy mge-shut driver ( 3 for 30 seconds). It is now set in seconds ( 30 for 30 seconds). UPS Driver:(release 1.5) For Evolution, EXtreme C, Pulsar and Comet EXtreme, Pulsar EX RT (2200, 3200), Pulsar EX RT 700/1000/1500 US. EATON/MGE 5E UPS - driver not working. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 3 months ago. Active 1 year, 5 months ago. Viewed 2k times 1. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.2 on a Dell 7010. 6 UPS Software In addition to the extensive features already included in LanSafe v. 6 release introduces support for new Operating System platforms such as Windows Server 2008, VMware and Linux systems. 6 supports both Powerware and Pulsar (formerly MGE Office Protection Systems) product series. UPS Connectivity Network connection for your UPS, enabling remote supervision from a Web browser and compatibility with Intelligent Power Manager and Intelligent Power Protector Web/SNMP card.

Successfully tested on Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS 64-bit

Running a Linux server without taking care of possible power failures is not a good idea. A power outage can be disastrous for your valuable data if the server is not connected to an emergency power system, notified of the outage and able to properly shutdown the system while on battery power. With an Ubuntu home server, this kind of situations can be handled using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and Network UPS Tools (NUT).

First, install NUT:

Next, declare your UPS in /etc/nut/ups.conf (I use an MGE Protection Center 675 so don’t forget to modify the driver value according to your own UPS model, as found in NUT documentation):

In /etc/nut/nut.conf, set NUT daemon to run in standalone mode. It’s the mode to use on the machine to which the UPS is connected and when this same machine also monitors the UPS:

In /etc/nut/upsd.conf, bind a listening port to the LAN interface if you want to allow other LAN hosts to monitor the UPS through upsd, the UPS network daemon. If not, just keep the first line:

Set the permissions for upsd in /etc/nut/upsd.users. Only the users (one section = one user) listed in this file will be allowed to read the UPS state:


(the [monuser] section is optional and only added here to allow a LAN host to monitor the UPS state over the network)
Now, configure the upsmon daemon. Its role is to communicate with upsd to know the UPS status and send specific commands when some events occur. Modify /etc/nut/upsmon.conf as follows:

Finally, make sure to modify the permissions of all NUT configuration files:

Now that everything is setup, let see some useful commands.

To start NUT manually (upsd and upsmon daemons simultaneously):

To check both daemons status:

To launch the UPS driver:

To know the UPS status:

(modify ups according to the section name you used in /etc/nut/ups.conf)
To test the server behavior in case of power outage, use the following command:

If the UPS is connected to mains, the server will stop and then restart (don’t forget to set your BIOS power management to “Always on”). If the UPS is unplugged, the server will restart only after reconnection to mains.
One last thing: If you have a “BUS= will be removed in a future udev version” error at system boot, see for a solution.
That’s all Folks!

For further reading, see NUT website.

Category: Others
Manufacturer: MGE UPS Systems
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: N/A
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
Latest Version / Release Date: / 17 Mar 2000

Windows device driver information for MGE UPS SYSTEMS Drivers

MGE UPS SYSTEMS Drivers is a keyboard driver. The driver operates well with such operating systems as Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 98. The drivers operate well when used with these operating systems which are essential for effective operations. With the right operating systems, the keyboard functions can be initialized for effective performance. The system should however first be pre-tested to ensure that it is compatible with the driver. The set up pattern is then validated to ensure compatibility of the system with the driver. The set up pattern is further used via the UPSC command function. The driver enables the user to have direct access to the net, monitor functions as well as files at the push of a button. The MGE UPS Systems Drivers also works with other software of the computer to enable effective functioning of the overall hardware.

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Mge Ups Driver

The MGE UPS SYSTEMS Drivers enables high level computer programs to work together with other components. The driver achieves this function by corresponding with the machine it is attached to through the communication subsystem. The driver is centrally controlled by the device manager and it also facilitates in translating data. The driver achieves this function by conveying instructions to the machine. When the machine receives this information in the form of data, it conveys the information back to the driver which in turn enables functions of the machine to continue efficiently. The MGE UPS SYSTEMS Drivers only works with its specified operating systems therefore it is important to acquire the correct operating systems. This driver makes the task of programming simple in relation to the applications it uses as well as the machine. The driver also allows the utilization of high-level commands on the machine and splits them up into a succession of low-level device-specific instructions. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and MGE UPS SYSTEMS Drivers errors before installing any driver updates.