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'With Link Master I can get my job done without worrying about my test tools. Every time I use it, it just works. I rely on Wireless Metrix to help me troubleshoot and optimize my network.

WILLSON 32.162.40 Tool set includes 4 screwdrivers - 2 flat and 2 cross tips, driver bit with 8 extensions and 10 inserts Size: 20.9 x 10.1 x 5.3 cm Packing: 20/1 Print info: 9 x 6 cm Recommended. The Travel Print feature is a driver plug-in to the Lexmark Universal Driver (PCL XL, PCL5e and Postscript) that allows for dynamic printer discovery and selection at print time. The Travel Print feature is an installable port to be used in conjunction with the Lexmark Universal Driver 1.5 and up.;

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Rent the software by the day and say goodbye to capital expenses. If you have a 4 day project, then pay for 4 days of use. With the daily rental model everyone can take advantage of world class software regardless of budget.

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Lease our software tools by the month to meet your longer term projects.

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For large customers a perceptual license makes sense. Choose to have your licenses hosted on our cloud server and give your RF team the flexibility to share your licenses among different geographic regions.

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Save money with an annual lease. Give your project team the power of Link Master for the full duration of your project.

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Rely on Link Master to collect all of your 5G NR KPIs. Broad 5G chipset support and robust software make your testing job easy.

With a simple interface and powerful 12 phone test capability, Link Master allows you to fully characterize your inbuilding DAS system. Integrate your Link Master data collection system with iBWave design software

Optimize your macro network with 5G and LTE-A support. Add a scanner to enhance your data set to look at the full RF spectrum.‚Äč

Characterize performance of new devices prior to lab entry. Compare the results of your previous models in a head-to-head benchmark test for both voice quality and data performance. Generate test scripts to simulate real customer usage and take advantage of automated FIT reports.