Matrox 1394 Driver

Matrox 1394 Driver

Search the drivers: Matrox Extio TI OHCI IEEE 1394 Host Controller. Search the drivers: Matrox Extio TI XIO2001 PCI Express To PCI Bridge: PCI VEN104C&DEV8240. For FireWire cameras to work, the Matrox Imaging Adapter driver must be installed. To verify your driver: In Windows Device Manager, verify the bus host controller is listed as “1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller”. If you are using the FirePRO driver, the host controller is labelled “Point Grey Bus Host Controller”.

New FireWire Bus Driver Package

Matrox CON3FX Network Interface Card - Triple-port 32-bit conventional PCI IEEE 1394 adaptor card pre-licensed for MIL Interface package (IEEE 1394 driver). Simple Type: Network Interface Card. Download the datasheet (PDF).

AVT 1394 Bus Driver Package

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Matrox 1394 driver windows 10

Matrox 1394 Driver

Allied Vision Technologies recently released the AVT 1394 Bus Driver package for Windows. The AVT 1394 Bus Driver eliminates the existing speed limitations of the original Windows driver with 1394b.

Matrox Meteor Ii 1394 Driver

The AVT 1394 Bus Driver Package contains an alternative 1394 bus driver that is compliant to the native OHCI 1394 bus driver provided with Microsoft Windows. This means unlike other proprietary 1394 bus drivers that are incompatible to the one provided with Microsoft Windows, existing custom 1394 device drivers (e.g. for hard disks) will continue to work with the AVT Bus Driver.


Additionally, in combination with AVT cameras the AVT 1394 bus driver can be used with 1394 camera drivers provided by 3rd-party solutions like Cognex’s Vision Pro, or MATROX’s MIL, as well as the CMU ( Carnegie Mellon University) 1394 camera driver.
AVT 1394b cameras will therefore run at full S800 data rate (800Mbps) under Windows Vista and XP (SP2/SP3) while also supporting other non camera Firewire devices. This is only possible because the AVT 1394 bus driver eliminates the existing speed limitations of the original Windows driver.
When installed the driver replaces the existing 1394 card driver. The installation and de-installation of the driver can be performed via an easy to use driver install tool that is part of the package.
Supported Operating Systems
- Windows Vista SP1
- Windows XP SP2/SP3
- Windows 2000 SP4

Key features of the AVT 1394 bus driver:
- Optimized for high-throughput, low CPU load and fault-tolerant operation
- Can be used with 32-bit Windows operating systems Vista, XP, and 2000 only
- Supports all AVT 1394 cameras
- Supports all current IEEE 1394 standards (1394a and 1394b)
- Supports OHCI-compliant host controllers
- Implementation conforms to the PCI driver model defined by the Windows Driver Model
- No licensing fee when used with AVT 1394 cameras
Adept Electronic Solutions are 'The machine vision and imaging specialists' providing expert advice and timely support. To find out more about the AVT 1394 bus driver package or any other AVT product please email us at: [email protected], call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us form.

Matrox 1394 Driver Windows 10


  • Certifications:FCC part 15 class A, CE class A, RoHS-compliant
  • Environmental information:operating temperature: 0°C to 55° C (32° F to 131° F), relative humidity: up to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Matrox Concord FE/FX - Hardware:PCIex1 (FE) or 32-bit, 33 MHz conventional PCI (FX)
  • Matrox Concord GE/GX - Hardware:PCIex1 (GE) or 32-bit, 66 MHz conventional PCI (GX) universal (3.3V/5V) host bus interface, Intel Gigabit Ethernet PHY/MAC/Link controller, single port, handles 10/100/1000 Mbps connections, supports Jumbo frames/packets up to 9014 bytes, selectable interrupt moderation rate, resizeable receive buffers/descriptors, supports auto MDIX (signal crossover), standard RJ45 connector
  • Power consumption and Dimensions:FE: 3.3V @ 0.33 A (1.1 W) typical, FX: 5V @ 0.2 A (1 W) typical, PCI low-profile4, half-length, FE: 8.6 cm L x 6.9 cm H x 1.6 cm W (3.4” x 2.7” x 0.62”) from bottom edge of goldfinger to top edge of board and without bracket, FX: 11.9 cm L x 6.4 cm H x 1.6 cm W (4.7” x 2.5” x 0.62”) from bottom edge of goldfinger to top edge of board and without bracket
  • Software Drivers:Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) drivers for 32/64-bit Microsoft, Windows, XP/Vista/7