Masahiko Morii Driver

Those are the drivers that I use too, but I have never been able to get the wireless ones to work on Windows 7 and it seems that he is no longer hosting them, or he has blocked public access.
I really wish SE would just add support for the 360 controller on PC. Logitech controllers are complete crap. I've replaced so many buttons on those things that it's not even funny.

Masahiko Morii Driver Xerox

I have the Masahiko Morii custom drivers for both wired and wireless, I can verify the 64 bit wireless and wired versions are seen as signed(which you will need unless you want to go through the pain of disabling driver signing), I cannot verify the 32 bit wired versions if you want I can try to find a place to share them....Driver

A-bitore a-cha a-chi a-chisut a-kaibu a-ke-do a-ku a-ru a-su a-texisu a-ti a-tisuto a-to aa aaa aaai. Aaiu aakka aamade aana aashite aasite ab aba abake abakida abangyar abantyur abar abara abarabon abaraya abare abareda abaremak abaremaw abarenbo abashiri abasiri abasiris abata abatamoe abayo abazure abc abc abcd abcde abcdef abcdefg abcdefgh abe abeayumi abec abechiyo abegakui abehitom. Xbox360 Controller Driver for Win98 - for English Win98 installs(tho it should work on any non-asian install), Readme in Japanese. Manufacturer: Masahiko Morii.

Masahiko Morii Driver 3d

This is the link. It's exactely the same page of the original Masahiko Morii's website (which went down like 1 year ago or some time ago), completley re-hosted by the guys of Lavendy.
Page is in japanese but don't get scared, look at the link. The first two basically
WC > Wireless Controller
C => Controller, this is for the wired version
They're identical, a few options are different on the last page but it's exactely the same drivers. On my old PC I used these and they are so much more awesome than XBCD imho.
Too bad that something doesn't work on my new PC... I dunno why. Triggers work but the right stick doesn't ;_;
Oh and it's not against the TOS, drivers are signed by Microsoft, it's good stuff (Masahiko Morii used to be a recognized official Microsoft developer in Japan)

Masahiko Morii Driver Xerox

the versions on that site are older and not seen as signed by windows 7 64 bit, I tested them.....unless they updated it in the last month or so