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M2Tech has introduced the Mitchell Analog Electronic Crossover. The Mitchell is a 3-way stereo or 6-way mono electronic crossover which does it all in the analogue domain. No A-to-D and D-to-A conversions are performed. Each way can be independently configured to be low-pass, high-pass or band-pass. Since the launch of the Mavericks OS, however, the driver supplied by M2tech was instantly outdated. Although M2tech has undertaken the task to develop a new driver that would work with Mavericks, after several months with no news it was too risky to wait even longer. Metrum Acoustics recently decided to develop a new USB interface.

Hi all, I am considering the hiface evo for using it as USB-I2S converter in W2K12. I have read that it works ok in hibernate mode and I would like to know if it is able to work with low ultrastream buffers. I would want to latter upgrade it with TeddyPardo or Paul Hynes PSU and EVO clock but I need to know if I am on the right track... In general my doubt is which are the usb converters that best perform in terms of driver parametrization with jplay? I am really going mad to choose a good interface without spending 2500E. Thank you very much guys! Regards, JM Driver

M2tech Driver

hiFace DAC

M2tech Driver

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A great sounding DAC for budget-conscious hi-fi systems
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The hiFace DAC is a high value-for-money ratio Digital-to-Analog Converter to turn your computer into the main audio source for your hi-fi system.

Just plug it into one of your computer’s USB ports and connect its output to your hi-fi system: you’ll be able to listen to music files with a very high sound quality, be they MP3, CD quality or high resolution files.

Extremely easy to use, it’s seen by your computer as an audio card. No need for driver with Mac and Linux computers, the driver for Windows is provided.

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hiFace DAC works great together with…

Your hi-fi system

The hiFace DAC is a complete conversion system, therefore you only need your computer and your hi-fi system.

A PC or a Smartphone and a Pair of Active Speakers

This is the simplest setup, which can deliver stunning sound if the speakers are good quality ones.

A Smartphone and Headphones

The hiFace DAC is not designed to drive headphones. But when your headphones have high sensitivity and high impedance, then you can plug them directly into the hiFace DAC’s output.


USB 2.0 high speed
analog single-ended (3.5mm stereo jack)
Sample frequencies:
PCM 44.1kHz to 384kHz
PCM resolution:
16 bits to 32 bits
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
0.005% @ 2Vrms out
Output Voltage:
2Vrms (47 kOhms load)
Output impedance:
470 Ohms
Supply voltage:
5VDC (USB powered)
Current Consumption:
80x15x10mm (wxdxh)
net 25g
gross 75g