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  1. The Shryke is fairly neutral at higher elevations in the 170-175 g range and is a great distance driver in weights lower than 170 for my arm speed. I bag around 4-6 of them in differing plastics, wears, and weights. If you are struggling with finding a distance driver and live in high elevations, give the Star Shryke a try.
  2. Most players equate distance with a lower lofted driver, but for most golfers, the opposite is more accurate. If your swing speed is over 100 mph and you hit the golf ball a long way, you should have a driver with a loft of about 12 degrees, or less, and that will produce less backspin.
  3. It’s nearly impossible to hit long drives without a full shoulder turn. While every golfer is different in terms of flexibility, rotating the shoulders until they’re perpendicular (90° angle) to the target line is the long-accepted standard for a good turn.
  4. Drivers and Fairway Woods. Drivers are designed to go a great distance, but for the beginner the long shaft and low loft can be hard to handle. Some beginners find more control using the 3 wood off the tee. If you do use a driver, as a beginner you might want to try a club with a large clubface for a larger sweet spot.

Choosing a driver because it looks great is not the way to buy one if you want to play a better game of golf. In fact, nine out of 10 golfers play with drivers that do not have sufficient loft and their drivers are too long for their swings.

Since the science of the sport and the equipment have progressed, opt for a driver with 9 or 10 degrees of loft rather than an older 7 or 8 degree driver. Amateur players can optimize the carry of the ball by selecting a driver with 1-3 more degrees of loft than tour-pros. 1 X Research source A higher lofted driver will give you more carry.

Furthermore, just because some drivers cost a lot of money does not mean that you will instantly improve your game. Here are a few things to think about as you select your new driver.

Longway Driver

Step 1

Choose a driver that has the right amount of loft, because that is the most critical part of your selection process. Most players equate distance with a lower lofted driver, but for most golfers, the opposite is more accurate. If your swing speed is over 100 mph and you hit the golf ball a long way, you should have a driver with a loft of about 12 degrees, or less, and that will produce less backspin.

But if you are like most golfers with swing speeds that are below 90 mph, you will need a more lofted driver that increases that backspin to keep the ball aloft. In some cases, you may need a more lofted driver to get the ball airborne.

Step 2

Look for a driver that provides the trajectory that' is most suited to your play.

For example, if you hit the golf ball low off the tee, you should find a driver that has a high trajectory rating. Don't think that trajectory rating is the same as loft. For instance, a driver may have a 10-degree loft, but if its center of gravity is toward the front, it will react more like a driver with an 8-degree loft.

Wrong Way Driver Long Island

Step 3

Make sure that your new driver has a forgiveness rating that matches up with the quality of your game. For instance, if you hit tee shots often that miss the proverbial “sweet spot,” you probably need a driver with a maximum forgiveness rating. Most club manufacturers include that information. For most golfers, a selection of a driver with the largest head that they can control is their best choice.

Step 4

Choose a driver with a shaft of the proper length. Interestingly enough, most tournament professionals opt for drivers that are 44.5” long, while most manufacturer make “off-the-rack” drivers that are an inch or two longer. Once again, there is no correlation between the length of your driver and the distance of your tee shots. You should find a driver that you can consistently hit the ball on the center of the club.

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Following CDC, state and local authorities’ guidelines, these are some of the changes you can expect:
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4. Our robust cleaning practices have leveled up! Longway Planetarium will be disinfected after each show. At Longway Planetarium, we are installing a UV filtration in our HVAC systems and adding filtration to the Mars room and back offices.
5. Gift shop. The gift shop is open Wednesday through Sunday. Take science and history home with you with learning toys and memorabilia from our gift shops.
6. Virtual learning continues. If you cannot or do not wish to visit us during our first days back, we completely understand and look forward to welcoming you when you feel comfortable returning. In the meantime, keep visiting, connecting, and learning with us on social media. So far, our educators have produced over 50 videos presenting hands-on science activities and backyard astronomy tips you can try at home. You can find all of our content on Facebook. While we keep in-person capacity low, we will continue to present First Fridays and Second Saturday Trivia Nights on Facebook Live.

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