Leadtek Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10


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  • 1Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP

AKA: WinFast TV2000 XP Expert (current generation)

Ultimately, a card like this only really makes sense if you are planning on SLI. £355 is a lot of money and at £89 more than Leadtek’s 6800 GT, and even though it’s a strong retail package. Leadtek is a global renowned WinFast graphic card. Update the Leadtek WinFast TV2000XP Global TV Tuner / Card driver Drivers For Windows Vista with ease. DirectX 10 support comes standard making this a perfect upgrade choice for those wishing to leadtek px8400gs the most from Windows Vista.

Capture Card Information
Vendors Websitehttp://www.leadtek.com/eng/tv_tuner/overview.asp?lineid=6&pronameid=94&check=f
Input Formatsnot applicable
Support StatusMythTV works with this card. However the card does not have a hardware encoder, so watching/recording TV will be CPU intensive.
DriverV4L bttv driver for pre-Expert cards. See also [1]
Sound Driverbtaudio or snd-bt87x
ChipsetFusion 878A for pre-Expert cards. CX2388X for Expert model


Single-tuner PCI card with no hardware encoder.

Leadtek Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10

The card comes in several versions:

Leadtek Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 Windows 7

WinFast TV2000 XP Expert (current generation)

The Deluxe model is just like the FM model but has a Remote Control included. The remote works using RF to a serial cable plugging into the card. It uses the Fusion 878A chipset

The RM model loses the radio, but keeps Remote Control

The RM (OEM) uses a different form factor (shorter PCB)

The Expert model uses the CX2388X chipset and includes worldwide radio support.

Other Leadtek Cards:

Issues and Problems

Having problems getting sound out of a WinFast TV2000 XP Deluxe card. The video works fine.

Winfast 1000T remote does work with lirc 0.8, however some patches to the v4l-dvb code need to be applied.

- Having problems using this card with mythtv. It works fine with tvtime for example.

- How can I improve resolution? The TV image is not very clear. Iam using ' options bttv card=34 tuner=2 ' in etc/modules - Thanks

- I don't have sound on almost all chanels. Same chanels have sound but only few. On TvTime everything is OK. Do you know why?

Sound Cards 7.1

Associated Software

Nothing yet ..

Installation guides

Dual/Multi-card use

After using a single DTV2000H with mythbuntu for a while (having edited /etc/modprobe.d/options and /etc/modules appropriately), I decided it was time for a second. Plugged the second one in, and still only one card was enabled. To enable the second card, had to edit /etc/modprobe.d/options and add a second card identifier to the appropriate line. i.e.;

After rebooting, and card is detected and **video** worked well, but **sound** playback was silent. Following the 'Configuring default soundcards / stopping multiple soundcards from switching' section at the ['Comprehensive sound problem solution guide'] helped (problem was the cx_88 alsa drivers took index 0, for some reason). Now, onboard sound is occasionally not detected, thus playback doesn't work. Restarting seems to resolve it. Not sure if this is associated with the presence of two cards. Sound is still recorded when these problems occur, so it seems to be an ALSA/playback issue, rather than recording problem.


Leadtek sound cards & media devices driver download for windows 10 32-bit

I have a Leadtek WinFast 2000XP card 34 that came with a CoolCommand remote that has the code 'Y0400046' in the bottom right corner. See a picture here. Most aspects of the remote work, with a bit of work. The '.' button does not currently work and a few keys generate the same events as other keys, meaning that you cannot use them for something different. To get this going, you first need to set up the remote with the system, as described here. Mythbuntu control centre can set up some of this for you, but a lot will be incorrect and you will have to tweak it.

Once you have done that, you need to set up MythTV to use the remote. This is done by creating a ~/.lirc/mythtv file. Mythbuntu comes with a section of Mythbuntu Control Centre that is supposed to generate this file for you, but I have found it not to work for me at all. Note that if you run the Mythbuntu Control Centre after setting up the remote, it will overwrite a lot of your hard work. My configuration file is here and is set out in order of the buttons on the remote, so that you can change it as you like.

Leadtek Sound Cards For Digital Cameras


Nothing yet ...

User Experiences

Leadtek Sound Cards For Pc

If you have this card, speak up! This is a good place to note your experiences - ease of install, what you like, what's not to like, etc.

With KnoppMyth R5E50 and R5F1, the WinFast DTV1000 works out of the box, with the exception of the remote.

On Ubuntu (Feisty) and the Winfast DTV1000 or the Winfast DTV2000H you have to load the module cx88-dvb to get the digital tuner to work. To do this automatically upon startup type:

I have the expert version and after several days of trolling through forums and wikis and other places on the web I am still unable to get this thing to work. I wish someone would post something that can help the Expert user.

I got this card to work using sudo echo 'cx88-dvb' >> /etc/modules in tvtime but no mythtv. Thanks for that ! Can you please give some guidance how can I make it work in mythtv? Thank You

I have a LeadTek DTV 2000 H, i got it to work by adding 'cx88-dvb' to /etc/modules and 'options cx88xx card=51' to /etc/modprobe.d/options. Also found this link [2] which has a link to a remote config, but it didnt work for me.

Have dual cards DTV200H cards which (as I noted in the dual/multi-card section above) works well but for the occaisonal sound playback problem-- this may or may not be related to the dual cards, but didn't have problems prior to the installation of the second card. No Luck yet with LIRC/remote use.


I have the Expert version of this card and it has worked flawlessly with mythTv from day 1 with kernel 2.6.25's drivers built into my kernel. It's a bit annoying to have the audio cable run to the sound card input, but the perks of this setup are nice. You get complete control over the sound because it comes in through your dedicated audio processing circuits. I am not sure how you would manage to install two of these in a system with only one sound card though. I have not gotten the remote working properly, although I have not had a chance to look into the patches mentioned above yet. Great card, only analog card I could find on the market with the well-supported Conexant chipset, I recommend it for anyone who still needs an analog card.

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