Ing. Igor Cesko And Atmel Driver Download For Windows 10

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Igor Cesko Slovakia [email protected] AVR309 2556-PRELIMINARY-AVR-01/04 Atmel Corporation 2325 Orchard Parkway San Jose, CA 95131, USA Tel: 1(408) 441-0311 Fax: 1(408) 487-2600. Atmel Operations Memory 2325 Orchard Parkway San Jose, CA 95131, USA Tel: 1(408) 441-0311 Fax: 1(408) 436-4314. Amiga Joystick - Standard USB HID device, no drivers required; I found Igor Cesko's web site and his USB implementation for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. I decided to use it with an ATmega8, and modified it for use as a HID joystick. The device has X/Y axis for the joystick and 13 buttons. The name of the driver is “AVR309.sys” and it works as sender of commands to the USB device (Control IN transfers). The driver works on all 32-bit Windows versions except Win95. An installation script written in an INF file is used during device installation. In this INF file the various installation steps are described. This download installs the Intel® Trusted Execution Engine driver and firmware. Windows 10, 32-bit. Windows 10, 64-bit.

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hi, somewhat complicated project im trying to make work.


i have an atmega48 on a peice of veroboard that im trying to make interface a nintendo nes controller to usb.

i have the code for scanning the controller in the bag but i cant get my head around the usb 1.1 specs.
i want to make it identify itself with the pc as a usb keyboard and use the generic keyboard driver to send key press/releses when buttons on the controller are pressed. so far i have got to the state of makig the pc say 'usb device malfunctioning' by pulling the d- line high continuasously(but i could do this with a risistor and a zenner diode...), so im really stumped.

i need a simple (is this possible with usb?? :.) tutorial about how to design the program for a microcontroller for a usb keyboard. eather that or a hell of a lot of help understanding usb!

Ing. Igor Cesko And Atmel Driver Download For Windows 10 Free

atached is a picture of the board i built and a veroboard layout.


Windows 7 - Uruchamiał ktoś Girdera z IgorPlugiem USB ?

Proszę kolegów moderatorów o niełączenie postów. Nie wiem czemu ten temat 'schował się w cień', podejrzewałem że wielu użytkowników Girdera będzie miało problem z przesiadką na Win7 x64. Tak czy inaczej wrzucam to co znalazłem, jestem pewien że komuś się przyda. Jest to tylko oprogramowanie ze sterownikami, nie ma tutaj informacji jak zbudować odbiornik, nie ma też wsadu do uC. Plik 'Ustawienia.gml' w katalogu Girdera, umożliwia sterowanie Allplayerem, WinAmpem i Foobarem, wymaga jedynie wczytania własnych kodów z pilota i ewentualnie skasowania tych które są (choć nie jest to konieczne). W załączniku wymagane pliki z instrukcją obsługi. Jeśli komuś nie zadziała w trybie 'nie testowym' to można śmiało pracować w testowym (z tego co wyczytałem, poza napisami w rogach, niczym się nie różni), a denerwujących napisów można się pozbyć za pomocą odpowiedniego programu (jest w paczce)

  • GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or
    • IgorPlug.inf
    • IgorPlug.sys
    • IgorPlugLicence.txt
    • Array

Download file - link to post

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > IgorPlugLicence.txt

License of IgorPlug-USB (AVR)
Copyright Ing. Igor Cesko 2002-2003
[email protected]
The program below refers to any version of IgorPlug-USB (AVR)
and any file that is a part of IgorPlug-USB (AVR), in any version.
License terms:
1. You may use the full version of programm only on one computer
in the same time.
2. You may not sell the program.
3. You are not allow to redistribute IgorPlug-USB (AVR) without permission
of Igor Cesko.
4. You may not modify the licenced and unpublished part of programm.
5. All published source codes are under GNU licence.
This program comes with no warranty.
Ing. Igor Cesko

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > Todo.txt
* make loading a class so we do not care what kind of file we are dealing
* import binary file on drag and drop
* use binary file when copy and pasting.
* rewrite interface to parse_reg_string... it's brain dead right now, especially since the back end (GVMS) works correctly.
* Setfocus does not work when Girder is the foreground window.
* Robert DeLuca:
& gt; A typematic feature would be great on a per-command basis. Instead of just
& gt; having " Antirepeat wait time " , you could have " Antirepeat intial wait time "
& gt; and " Antirepeat wait time " .
* display more information when plugin fails
* add default antirepeat value
* add variable support to window resize.
Girder 3.3/4.0
* Add abstraction layer between plugin numbers and processing.
* OSD also configurable from variables.
* Insert multi-event-eventstrings
* Completely overhaul the UI

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > Readme.txt

Internationalization Tools version 0.3
Copyright (c) 2000 Ron Bessems
GNU General Public License.
( If the program INTERNAT.EXE isn't in this directory
you need to download the internationalization tools
from my homepage in the Girder section )
Internationalization Tools (for short i18n) is a set of Delphi
sources that allow you to make your programs easily translatable
via external language files. So users can contribute translations
to your program. The program internat allows users to translate to
their own language.
Mind though this program is in it's early stages of developement.
It's usable but just to be sure backup your language files before
changing them.
Please make sure that Internat.exe is in the same directory as the
language files.
A. New Translation.
* To make a new translation type the name of your language in the
language dropdownbox (middle of the window).
* Press the " Refresh translatables " . Internat now loads all
translatable strings from english.lng.
* Click on the first translatable string in the listbox (left side)
* Now in the top two editboxes appear the same strings.
* You must change the lower sentence (Translate box)
* Press enter when you finish with a translation
* The next string will automatically be selected.
* When you're ready translating press the " save translation " button.
* In the application (in this case Girder) set the language
to the name you specified here.
B. Update a Translation.
Do this if you translated the application (int this case Girder)
and the program changed some of it's translations. Or added translations
* First of all set the language box to your language. (middle of the window).
* Press " Load translation "
* Now we want the new translations to be loaded and the stale ones
removed. So press " Refresh Translatables "
* The new strings have been added to the list.
* Translate them as usual and save your file.

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > history.txt

- Started work on Girder 2.0 from scratch.
- First release (Private)
- Better startup when there are no settings in the registry.
- Start on Windows start option.
- AutoSave when windows shutsdown option.
- check if autoloadfile exists when setting autoload.
- Fixed an error in the sample.gir.
- Added the filetype register and unregister
- Fixed stupid bug, you couldn't select an other com port.
- Totally rewritten the Sendkey part, windows cannot send
control/shift/alt codes to another thread in the back
ground, so we hacked that. (The window becomes the
foreground window for a very short time.)
- Added the Target submatch part, for those windows that
constantly change their caption (eg. Winamp)
This means breaking file compatibility with
- Added Minimize Girder
- Released privately.
- Reorganized some code
- Started work on a WM_COMMAND and WM_SYSCOMMAND event
Capturing facility.
- Integrate the message capturing facility code and dll !
- Added the message (WM_COMMAND WM_SYSCOMMAND) send facility.
- Complete Rewritten the file load, much more flexible file loading
This solves the problem of datafile layout changes breaking compatibility.
- Save doesn't save all the fields anymore, only the ones with info
This is possible since the rewritten load_file.
- Resizing of the main form is now possible
- Save this width and height of the main form.
- Added WinExec options.
- Added Copy paste options
- Corrected a shutdown bug.
- Released version
- Changed the behavior of the message capturing
- changed the paste and copy shortcut
- My first BUGREPORTs !
- Ruud Nabben : when i enable the UIR on the wrong comport
and then switch to the right one, Girder doesn't work !
** FIXED **
- Ruud Nabben : when i don't fill in a autoload filename
and autoload file is not checked girder still complains
about a none existent file.
** FIXED **
- Ruud Nabben : sended is not really English, try Sent.
** FIXED ** ;)
- Ruud Nabben : (feature request) Gray out apply button when there
is nothing to apply.
- Somehow file registering broke, fixed.
- Figured out how to write a help file.
- Written the helpfile.
- Renamed version.txt to history.txt
- Makedist, makeclean batch files.
- Removed all long filenames.
- Update all images to work in 256 colors.
- Release onto the internet.
- Added settings.uirenabled.
- Added the multi command
- Added the wait command
- Centralized add_to_tree
- Centralized set_icons
- Centralized new_data
- Added the state settings and window
- Programmed the TLedDisplay Component.
- Added the TLedDisplay Component.
- Figured out how to get the filename of an application/window
- Started the work on the renewed Target window
- Started Split the getwindow**** function into winhandl
- FindProcessEx
- Finished the Target window
- Rewritten message handling and sending
- Fixed bugs in the send routine.
- Redid the System capturing window.
- Redesigned the splash screen
- bumped version to 2.1.
- Centralized the Child matching
- Added the child windowclass/name matching matching
- Find the parent window in the capture system
- Added the smartFill option to the Capture window
- Upgraded the smartfill
- Fixed minor bug in load_file
- Finally found how to tell the shell that the filetype icon changed.
- Technische Matriaalkunde
- Analyse 5
- Update the help file.
- Release version 2.1.0
- Finished all my exams
- Fixed cannot shutdown bug under win95/98
- Fixed a resize bug with the statusbar.
- Added the DVDstation 1.81 profile.
- Released 2.1.1
- Added the Anti-Repeat Wait time settings
- Speeded up the IR rec. thread.
- Updated the Help file.
- Released 2.1.2
- Implemented a generic dll class (finally)
- Implemented a internationalization library.
- Started on implementing the libint on Girder
- Finished the implementation of the i18n_translate into girder.
- Translated Girder into dutch
- Created a very simple, basic and preliminairy translation tool.
- Released 2.1.3
- Major bugs creeped into 2.1.2 with the antirepeat option, Fixed them all i hope.
- Bugfix release 2.1.4 !!!
- Fixed the setlanguage bug, if Girder's working dir wasn't the
path to the executable, the loading would fail. Stupid.
- Added the Croatian translation. (Radovan Kanizaj)
- Bugfix Release 2.1.5 (the last one this week I hope)
- Well oke, another little bug squashed. Error in while loading
a file that only has as the first element in the first group
a multicommand.
- Another translation error fixed, the last i hope :)
- Updated the Dutch translation.
- Radovan Kanizaj updated the Croatian language.
- Bugfix release 2.1.6 (the definitly last one this week)
- Fixed the language setting routine during startup.
- Fixed the not translation of settings in the help menu.
- Added the Czech Language done by David Pribyl.
- Tomas Najbert also sent the Czech language file but i can't
determine which one is better so David's translation wins because
he sent it first. But THANKS anyway Tomas !!!
- Added the Slovak Language by Miroslav Hlina
- Released 2.1.7 (The Language Update)
- Added support for Large font settings in windows
- Strip zeros added
- fixed the findprocessex
- fixed the substring matching (whoops i18n error again...)
- substring matching for childwindows.
- Grey out controls in target window when send to foreground
window is selected.
- Added the SetFocus, but Win2000 (win98??) is messed up and
doesn't bring these windows to the front. :(
- File has changed option to cancel the closing of Girder.
- Added the mouse motions, clicks and double clicks.
- Started work on the volume control stuff.
- Implemented the volume control stuff into Girder.
- Added the set_trayicon code
- Updated the internat application BIG update.
- 1000 Visitors to the Girder page !
- Updated the helpfile somewhat.
- Check the Bigfont thing, it's better but not
quite good yet. Oh well leave that for version 3.0
- Bumped version to 2.1.8
- The big font changes really messed up the interface,
So i removed these pieces again
- Added skip UIR init check, for partially defective UIR's
- Updated the languages: Slovak and Hrvatski, dutch
- Made some minor interface changes (buttons larger...)
- Fixed a BACK key error.
- added a doubleclick to window option. (by special request)
- Released version 2.1.9 (sorry for that)
- Finetuning the interface.
- Fixed the forgotten matchhidden bug.
- Put in a new harddisk :)
* GIRDER 3.0 Started *
- Started Work on Girder 3.0
- Worked out the new interface
- Worked out the hardware dll plugin interface (without the VCL)
- Finished (i think) the hardware dll plugin interface.
- Added all functionality to the treeview
* DragCopy command, groups, multigroups, multicommands incl. child nodes
* Add, Delete
* Rename
* Drag
* Nice Cursor
* Add****toTreeView()
* CopyCommand
* DeleteCommand
* AllocCommand
- Split the Command record manipulating Routings into Command.PAS
- Implemented the SaveFile Routine in IOMISC.PAS
- LoadFile
- SaveFile
- Registry Routines
- Configuration dialog
- Trayicon
- Hardware support.
- Added version_dll and compare_ir to plugin dll
- Keyboard action
- OS Action added
- Volume and volume window
- Target Window
- System actions
- Trayicon configurable
- Mouse actions
- State window
- splashscreen
- execute program
- bugs
- about window
- General settings
- LOADS o'stuff
- Main UI scaling finished!
- Statusbar nice bitmap led.
- Resizable statusbar
- Software plugin created
- Started on the keyboard plugin but somehow it didn't work
- Got Keyplug to work (almost), when a dll gets called from outside (callback)
the local variables aren't correct anymore so we need to use the
memory mapped files.:( That took me about 4 hours stupid M$)
- Finished the keyplugin
- Added icons to the hardwareplugins
- changed the path in the REgistry that the plugins save to.
- Stdcalls for compatibility with other languages
- fixed topmost bug. (i hope)
- switching between hardware dlls
- Temp Fixed switching between dlls, we need a mutex because the thread
called read_ir after close_dll was called [email protected]#
- Copy and Paste Implemented
- Gray out stuff
- i18n
- batch mode compile
- make clean
- make dist
- updated internat.exe
- dutch translation
- converting
20-4-2000 - 23-4-2000
- Oh boy, Borland (Delphi) really messed up the DLL stuff,
I had to use M$ Visual C++ to make the Hardware DLLs work. This took me
2 days to figure out Borland messed up and 2 days of work :(
- Added the icons to the UIR DLL
- Cleaned up UIR Dll
- Finished the Implementation of the DLLs
- Lotsa bugfixing and hunting
- Started on the helpfile
- Working on the helpfile
- Added commandline support for Girder
- Semi finished the helpfile
- Added help file support for Girder
- prepared a distribution: Girder 3.0pre2
- Whoops, forgot to update the English.lng
- 3 days on the net and nobody found any bugs ???
- Another pre-release 3.0pre3
- Got Slovak translation from Miroslav HLINA & lt; [email protected] & gt;
- A few bugs repaired
- By popular demand : Multiple Hardware plugins can be active !!!!
- Written " Plugin API.rtf "
- Got German Translation from Uwe Heidrich
- Prerelease-4 with the last big change in 3.0
- I think I passed Chemical Physics :-) Yep 9 of 10 !! YAHOOO!
- Fixed the mouse left-right mixup
- Written the READ.txt
- Passed Material Science ( i think YEP ! 6 of 10 !!!!!)....
- Last change to the plugin mechanism, it works !!!!
- Updates the Plugins to support any background color
- Changed some labels
- Dumped the WinExec and used the real CreateProcess to set the exepath.
- Made 3 distros. Usage/Internationalization/Develop
- Fixed a small bug that cause the UIR plugin to hang if
the init didn't work out.
- Release 3.0 !!!!!
- Change the copyiright license to a non-open-source one (sorry).
- Added the updated czech language.
- Fixed a small bug in the plugin list window
- Added the setforegroundwindow stuff for the windows.
- Girder now saves the device number with the command, this serves 2
1. (Small) Speedup in match routine
2. (IR) Codes don't need to be unique thoughout the plugins.
- Added the saveas filename
- Release 3.0.1
- Figuring out how TCP/IP works in the win32 sdk.
- I've got a nice server ready.
- Fixed the drag/drop bug.
- Fixed UIR problem. After a failed initialization, the plugin would never
again init. You would have to restart Girder.
- Created the TCP/IP server plugin
- Started work on the TCP/IP action plugin
- Finshed the work on the TCP/IP server and action plugin
- changed the actionplugin format a bit.
- Added the Polish translation
- Release 3.0.2
- Updated slovak & czech
- Fixed a small translation prob.
- Hopefully fixed the TCPIP stack problem linked against wsock2.lib instead of ws32_2.lib
- Release 3.0.3
- Speaking Clock
- Rename in the menu
- Added the Greek Translation
- Added the French Translation
- Added a OSD
- Received the talking clock wavs from John Paton
- Released 3.0.4
- Made a better looking mute icon
- Added a identifier to each record
- Changed the group enable/disable to use the identifier
- Added the Question Girder type
- Made the right click on the treeview also select the node.
- Added the learndevice call to plugins, so they know when girder
wants to learn a IR command.
- Created a Treeviewpicker for the groups
- Implemented the treeview picker into the settings dialog
- Implemented the treeview picker into the OS tab
- Rewritten the unique number creator
- Redone the group selection part.
- Removed all windows from the autocreate list, and
create the windows only when needed. - & gt; 15 - 30% memory usage reduction !
- Upgraded the Action plugin interface to support the treepicker and
the OSD !
- Created a Timer plugin !
- Updated the other plugins
- Written a Actionplugin API doc
- Updated the Languages
- These where the last large changes to Girder 3.0, from now on only bug fixes.
and new plugins.
- Released 3.0.5
- Updated the German translation.
- Changed Createprocess to ShellExecute, now users can start any document !
- Change the labels of the tabsheet into icons, all that needs to be done
is to make some nice labels.
- Undo the label change until i come up with some nice icons to go there.
- included the TCPclient.exe in the girder distro.
- Released 3.0.6
- Really undid the tab changes WHOOPS
- Fixed the Shell Execute to support parameters
- Added the minimize window action
- Added the maximize window action
- Added all mouse directions
- Added all mouse clicks
- Added a goto action
- Updated German and Czech translation
- Released 3.0.7
- Fixed a access violation bug in the settings window.
- Made the browse button on the settings dialog translatable.
- Updated the polish translation.
- Added change group target.
- Minor Fixes.
- Released 3.0.8
- Added the export functions and pre-released 3.0.9
- Added 3 link fields to the main record so they can be
updated when a file gets imported and the numbers aren't unique
anymore. This means breaking comp. with pre 3.0.9 versions
- I Really should continu studying not extending Girder :(
- Created a algorithm that detects repeats in the IrDA stream and a
scoring mechanism.
- Implemented that into a plugin.
- Released 3.0.9
- Added Danish Translation
- Updated Polish Translation
- Changed the link to Teemu's site.
- Re-released 3.0.9
- Fixed the broken copy & paste stuff, stupid double linked list move that
i oversaw.
- Fixed some memory leaks
- Added the icons to the action tabs
- Added the check if girder is allready running.
- Added a gettings started section to the helpfile
- Finally figured out how to do the showcutkeys right.
- Drag and drop with the filemanager.
- Worked on a new DotMatrix display that supports loading a
other fonts. Needed for foreign languages.
- Started work on the new keyboard send routine.
- Got the new keyboard send routine to work, IT IS A BEAUTY !
- Optimized the TDotMatrix.
- Fixed a small error in the target window
- Released version 3.0.10
- Got hit by a car, this guy pushed us off the road on purpose !!! Can
you believe that ? I got away with a few scratches,... luckily. His
Car was damaged more than our bikes. He thought we where taking up to
much space. Damn were is the world going to.
- On the bright side, the holiday to Germany, Poland and Czech is on !
Expo here we come !
- Anyways, removed the stupid DEL error.
- Released 3.0.11
- Added a time parameter to the mouse click, some programs need
some time before they recognise the mouseclick
- Added support for extended (media) keyboard keys to the keyboard plugin
- Fixed some problems with the new keysend routine.
- Created a asynchrone methode for sending events to girder,
this improves performance of the keyboard driver.
- Fixed volume dialog bug.
- Yes at last my summer vacation has started,
- Added a translation
- Made the target selector case-insensitive
- I'll be on my vacation from 10-7-2000 until 22-7-2000 so
don't mail me during that peroid, i won't respond. I'm laying
on my back in the beautifull country's of Czech Republic and Poland !
- Removed a testing dialog from the sendkey routine whoops...
- Hacked a small bug (not good lookinto this KeyCom.PAS)
- Added Swedish translation
- Added Brazillian translation
- Released version 3.0.13
- Finally fixed the state bug
- Added a check so that girder warns a user when he hasn't got any input devices selected.
- fixed the APM bug
- Added the AST/NEC/IBM/Logitech Mouse driver.
- Released 3.0.14
- Fixed a little bug that caused the click action to forget the coordinates.
- Added slovinian translation
- Updated french translation
- Added Silitek driver
- Added SFH-56 driver
- Updated Polish translation
- Released 3.0.15
- Created a TaskSwitch detector plugin
- Added the option for a command to be executed when the irstrings don't match
- Finally found why the TCPIP plugin was messing up. The WM_COPYDATA really sucks.
- Added a new and FAST mechanism to send an event to girder.
- Converted all plugins to use this one.
- Fixed minor bugs in Girder
- Reworded the Taskdet plugin
- Added the eventblock plugin
- fixed resource leaks
- Release 3.0.17
- Added a drag target option
- Added the click capture
- Rewrote the capture module
- Redid some graphics
- Added set mouse absolute
- Removed the pathname form the matching routines, this should eleviate the problems encoutered when switching
from Win9x to win2k
- Added the WinLirc driver by Alexander Seitz
- Released 3.0.18 Sneak preview to the mailinglist for testing
- Added first support for HID keyboards, this by allowing girder to
just display the mute and volume, instead of changing them, because windows
allready does this.
- Added move window and size window. With these you can rescale a window,
for example a DVD player window.
- small fix to the targetting routine.
- internal naming option
- added a 'hidden' comandline option to totally hide girder from sight.
- release 3.0.18
- Made the TaskDet plugin return only the filename not the complete path, for compatibility with win2k
- Task Create / Close detector
- Enable / Disable device
- Task switcher
- Added resolution change
- Added cdrom open and close for win2k/nt
- Added cdrom open on win9x
- Eventblocker now does not use the pathname anymore!!!!
- Added center and resize easier for DVD windows
- Release 3.0.19
- Fixed the task switch detector
- Added winexists
- Fixed the invert saving problem
- Fixed the media eject segfault when no drive letter was supplied
- load/eject file label enable
- Fixed the task switcher for win9x
- Written additional Keysend routines
- Fixed the forgotten syscommand
- Release 3.0.20 preview 2
- worked on the APM resume failure
- add the OSD font option, preliminary
- Added the Stop Processing command
- Added the Spanish translation by Xavi Rodríguez & lt; [email protected] & gt;
- Release 3.0.20 preview 3
- Fixed the talking clock
- Target selector now fits on a 640x480 screen
- Plugin work
- Plugin work
- Worked on Girder in general
- Updated the helpfile
- Updated the translations
- Added show hidden for the execute action
- Written RedRat drivers,.... at least beta version ;)
- Released 3.0.20 final
- Fixed the Anti-repeat failure in multicommands
- Release 3.0.21 pre 2
- Fixed the broken goto
- Extended the Resolution pickup routine to include all resolution // disabled in std release
- Release 3.0.21 pre 3
- Added reset state action
- release 3.0.21 pre 4
- Fixed some translation errors
- Updated english.lng
- Fixed (i hope) OSD focus problem
- Fixed the resolution change problem
- Fixed the Irda numer change problem
- Added disble device on APM suspend checkbox
- Finally found the problem with some of the plugins EM_GETLINE needs the buffer
to be inited to the length of the buffer
- Made the label size on the plugin a little smaller so they don't overlap anymore
- Made the balance work properly
- Balance OSD
- Released version 3.0.21 final
- Extended the hardware plugins to also support action plugins
- Added the restore action to the list of window actions
- Fixed the " first match only " bug
- Added " Is Checked " action
- Fixed a little bug in the targeting routines
- Release 3.0.22 pre1
- SendMessage Plugin
- Extended the softplugin interface
- Started cleanup of plugins
- Executable self checker ( for viri or malicious changing of the executable )
- Created the SNTP plugin
- finished ( i think ) implementing the FAST RapidTree :)
- Added the combobox to select the event generator
- Added commandline -eventstring & lt; name & gt;
- Added commandline -show
- Added commandline -hide
- Added wrapper function for WinNT
- Added icons on the tabs
- All windows now remember their last position
- Added a the Event Callback to the action plugins
- Release 3.0.22 pre 4 only fixes from now on till 3.0.22 final
- Well i guess just a few new features will be okay :)
- Added save/load register actions
- Added " On Open " , " On Close " , " On Enable " , " On Disable " events to Girder,
now you can set the autoexecute group on a per .gir file basis.
- Fixed import group bug
- Fixed listbox box
- Wrapped blockplugin
- Added tooltips when the tabs are in icon mode
- Release 3.0.22 pre 5.. lookin good this time.
16-3-2001 till 2-4-2001 lots of bug hunting
- Release 3.0.22 final
- Worked on the SlinkE plugin
- Fixed the auto-execute button bug
- Fixed a nasty little bug that prevented MFC plugins from working properly
- Worked on the SlinkE plugin ( finished hardware part )
- Added some code that checks for disabled parents and not executes no matter what! ( so also the F5 don't work)
- Release 3.0.23pre1
- moved to
- added string registers to action and input plugins
- Cleaned up slinke plugin
- Release 3.0.23pre2
- Lots o plugin work
- fixed the OnGirderClose
- Fixed the Eventstring bug
- Updated all links and email address to
- Added links to the homepage in the program
- Release 3.0.23pre3
- Fixed eventstring and multigroup problem
- Remove onGirderClose to determine if this is the sporadic access violator.
- Release 3.0.23pre4
- Fixed the set-off icon failure
- worked a little on the cdrom close for win9x
- Added Relative window move
- Released 3.0.23 pre 5
- Added possibility to disable flashing on every event in favour of flashing
on executed action
- Fixed -show behaviour.
- device by zero fix.
- Released 3.0.23
- Added Collaps Node / Expand Node
- Added support for registers to volume change
- Change the learn event drop down box to a non-editable one.
- Release 3.0.24 pre 1 -with special thanks to UCSB for the power failure that gave me time to make this release-
- Renamed Collaps to collapse
- Added a comments field
- Added the option to put the current volume value into register 25.
- Release 3.0.24 pre 2
- Fixed broken mute
- Added register support and direct set to mute ( 0 = on, 1= mute)
Hint, You can use this direct set to directly set any volume channel
- Resized Eventstring statusbar
- Release 3.0.24 pre 3
- got totally soaked kayaking ;-)
- Added TCPIP server 2.0 and TCPIP client 2.0
- Updated helpfile with new email address and webpage
- work on keyboard plugin. Yes it is not compatible with the old one,
this is because the old one was giving the same value for some Multimedia
- Horrible keyboard bug, fixed it and released pre4
- Feature request, %PROGRAMFILES% implemented in actionplugins/hardwareplugins/autoload/execute/playwav
- Wrote a little in the helpfile.
- released pre6
- Fixed the question action with respect to multigroups. (didn't work there)
- released pre7
- Fixed a few volume step size related bugs.
- Release 3.0.24 Happy New YEARS!
- Fixed serveral bugs
- Updated delphi so WinXP bugs should be less
- Release 3.0.25pre1
- Added FileExists action
- Release 3.0.25pre2
- Fixed a null pointer problem with FileExists
- Girder ignored the Multigroup state settings, fixed now.
- Release 3.0.25pre3
- corrected spelling error
- enabled browse button in file exists action
- correct default extension in browse button on girder action tab
- Fixed state saving in multi groups.
- release 3.0.25pre5
- Fixed broken mute toggle
- Added Set Volume ( because I was trying to do this with the mute toggle,.. why ? I don't know )
- Release 3.0.25pre6
- Forked Girder code, we have 2 branches. 3.0 and 3.1
- Ripped out core of girder I need to replace the eventrouting
- Started replacement work
- LOADS of work later we get 3.1beta1 for your enjoyment.
- released 3.1 Beta1.
- Just so much fixes and changes you don't even wanna know.
- released 3.1 beta 2 and 3 ;-)
- fixes fixes and updates
- converted all inlcuded plugins to the newest API
- updated AST plugin
- Major update to the Say plugin! Lots of options!!
- Released 3.1 beta 4
- Minor internal fixes in the plugin api.
- released 3.1 beta 5
- Support for carriage returns in svalue1 and svalue2!!!!!
- Updated SimpleOSD action for multiline usage!
- Added Say to default plugins
- Added lots of OSD options, color, size, border, caption and transparency
- Modified dropping behaviour. of commands and multigroups
- Modified dropping behaviour of groups, if you hold control the group will be
moved to the position before the drop target. If you don't hold control the
group will be moved to the drop target as a child.
- Updated the action plugin api to allow access to these OSD settings.
-beta 6
- more treeview changes
- replaced the change resolution function! now allows for any resolution
- updated slinke to new version of API
-beta 7
- Added In Girder events, commandline eventstring now only matches it selves!
- Checked slinke, okay
- init some vars in extended plugin
- even more stuff in the drag an drop department
- rewrote register saving routines to save in XML
- updated default new command behaviour to set foreground matching
- added " On every event " settings, these commands will be triggered on every
- fixes left and right.
- beta8
- Fixed little update error in the combobox of the learn devices
- Started work on replacing file open / save / browse dialogs by
decent windows dialogs.
- added timeout selection for OSD
- Added monitor selection for osd
- added position selection for osd
- learn device adjustment.
- little fix in GetLinkName for old plugins
- release beta 9
plans beta 10, hopefully last release before final 3.1.0
* Speed up Treewalking
* update localisation
Okay as it turns out, the xml was way to slow to work, so I had
to replace the whole thing :((( This also means that there are
new bugs to be found.
* On XX event
* New register window, also allows for editing
* Updated payload data.- & gt; in most string you can now do: [pld#] to get the payload data.
Release beta 10 to limited public.
* fixed Ugly access violation
* fixed evenprocessing
* Added enabled to eventstrings
* fixed 'flash on every event'
* moved enabled and identifier into properties of commands
* fixed registery edit window
* Release beta 11
* Old betas forgot to set an Identifier on Eventstring, making things go bad. fixed
* Beta 11 forgot to check the Identifiers of an eventstring thus making duplicates
when pasting fixed.
* Added check tree, this checks for zero identifiers and for duplicates.
* release beta12
* fixed antirepeat and invert saving
* release beta12b
* fixed converting of antirepeat and invert ..pff
* fixed initial settings of currentstate to beginstate.
* modified setgirderstrregister for plugins, this will now
expand this string immediately.
* release beta12c
* More little stuff
* Set group targets
* added stuff to the OSDGetSettings
* Wrote Question OSD Plugin as a replacement for the Question action
* Wrote Internet Event Server and Client and PHP and console as a replacement
for the now unsupported TCP/IP server.
* released beta13
* Fixed backwardscompatibility to buttonmode plugin ( irstr field in command is
filled with current irstr on copy to dll )
* Improved Randomness of Cookie in internet event server
* release beta13a
* fixes for the import routines ( identifier mixups )
* updated Question OSD
* Updated Numbuilder to include num registers
* Implemented Recursion protection
* Added Get Tick count
* Added reset tick count
* Rebuild the slinke plugin ( oops released debug build last time )
* Include 1st release of the rebuilt CTInfra plugin
* release beta 14
* integrated the ctinfra plugin into the UIR plugin
* Wrote getting started document
* contemplated changing wm_user+1024/wm_user+1030 into registerwindowmessage
* Changed wm_user into register window message
* changed internal wm_user into wm_app
* Added compatibility mode (TEMPORARY!)
* Changed init of device not to fail when 1 device isn't hooked up, view status of devices in settings window.
* Upgraded all plugins to send the new window messages.
* Added compatibility for mr. Windtrader :-)
* released beta 15.
* Added a very powerfull parser to girder
* Fixed some inconsistencies reported on the forum.
* release 3.1.0 beta 16.
* rewrote the Girder Variable Manipulation Script from scratch
* updated the documents
* Released 3.1.0 beta 17 The Last beta!!!! yeeeehaaa.
* (BROWN BAG release) fixed 2 bugs in the regsiter department [reg#]- & gt; [treg#] and [payload#]- & gt; [pld#]
* release beta 17b.
* updated convertor also to 1.0.7
* Worked on the translation stuff
* Worked some more on the translation stuff
* Made the redrat driver a little bit friendlier when the redrat is not present
* Made the SlinkE driver friendlier when the users forget to remove an empty device.
* finished the translation stuff, pfew thats done
* last minute requests : substr and hexadecimal literals.
* RELEASED 3.1.0 WHAAAAHOOOOOO! And now for a beer!
* Worked on the NT Service stuff
* Worked some more on the NT service stuff, concluded that VCL isn't going to cut it,
I need to separate the UI and the core completely before this will work.
* Fixed crash bug, when alt-draggin group below treenodes
* Fixed win95 compatibility issue with ChangeDisplaySettingsEx
* Changed return code on WM_POWERBROADCAST
* Released 3.1.1pre1.
* Delay loading of advapi32.dll is useless because M$, because it doesn't fail
under win9x, even getprocaddress on unsupported functions return pointers !!!!
WEIRD!, no I do a explicit check if the OS is WinNT before I load this lib.
* Fixed internet event server
* Release 3.1.1pre2
* updated Romanian language
* release 3.1.1
* all kinds of stuff
* updated GVMS
* updated action plugin API to version 6
* exe filename matching routines only take first 15 chars into consideration, thanks to MS for another bug.
* updated french language.
* InternetEvent(Server/Client) now support payload data
* Switched to new installer, 2 reasons: more modern and less diskspace ( BANDWIDTH )
* released 3.1.2
* Darn, just realised that the change to the matching routines might just break 9x compatibility,
* released 3.1.2b
* Fixed nasty crash targetenum, related to upgraded API.
* released 3.1.2c
* Fixed little mistake with the length of the payload data
* Released 3.1.2d
* Fixed forum link
* Added variable support to targeting routines.
* Because of continuing problems with the antirepeat and inadequate queue depth
I started on this rather intrusive endeavour now.
* The Eventsink now has its own window completely independent from the VCL.
* Eventsink has 2 threads, the incoming thread and the eventrouting thread.
* All communication with the VCL now runs over custim WM_APP messages.
* decided the release will be 3.2 as this is a big improvement
* released 3.2 alpha 1
* lots of threading problems with the action plugins, fixed
* fixed the missing treepicker stuff
* fixed the payload problem
* released 3.2 alpha 2
* added input queue to the event processing thread
* fixed several places with regard to thread safety.
* Added preliminary API 7, might dissapear again.
* released 3.2 aplha 4
* hunted for the bug reported by MarkF, finally found it, delphi memory allocation
routines are not thread safe.... go figure.
* released 3.2 alpha 9
* Completely rewrote the plugin handling, introducing a new api, uniting the plugin and many bugs :-)
* added new action " Power Management "
* gir_info is not yet implemented.
* release 3.2 alpha 10
* fixed some minor bugs
* release 3.2 alpha 11
* implemented gir_info - & gt; QUERY_UNLOAD
* improved the hook plugins ( keyboard, taskcreate, taskswitch)
* minor fixes in Girder
* release 3.2 alpha 12
* implemented Girinfo_powerbroadcast
* added splashscreen in right place
* gave girder a real main window (hidden)
* moved gir_compare to optional exports
* removed more old code.
* fixed registery writing problem for normal users.
* removed version number from splashscreen
* release 3.2 alpha 13
* moved gir_true to 1 and gir_false to 0 to be more in tune with windows
* moved gir_async_learn to 2.
* released alpha 14
* Worked on NT service support
* lots of work on the UI separation, and it is successfull! Girder now runs
without the loaded
* released alpha 15
* Wressled with the website, some of the other people on the website had been
mis-using .htaccess and create an endless loop. that's why the site was so
slow the last couple of days. On top of that some mistery files where
blocking my site. Anyway, has been moved to a new server with far
less other sites :-)
* Many many many fixes and usability changes in Girder
* New program that translates the device numbers in the .gml files.
* released Girder 3.2.0beta1
* lots of code review, cleaning up and commenting
* moved all plugin handling to h_processing thread context.
* fixed SlinkE driver.
* worked on redrat driver (not ready)
* added duplicate function
* fixed a few memory leaks ( minor )
* released 3.2.0 beta 2
* gir_event, the status string is now initialized, before it crashed girder
if the plugin didn't set the string.
* Various improvements in the UI departement
* Added locking of gml files, this is not meant to be a hackerproof thing, but a wife
proof protection, it can be defeated easily.
* Release 3.2.0 beta 3 ( the last ? )
* fixed uir settings loading
* released 3.2.0 beta 4
* Fixed a dead-lock reported by Matt Wire.
* released 3.2.0 beta 5
* Put the dispatch message stuff back in.
* BROWN BAG release beta 6
* As it turns out I didn't fix the deadlock just yet. Just shifted it around a little ;~
* Added dispatch message stuff to the main thread, and what do you know it fixes a
a little bug preventing me from restarting the UI. YEEEEHAAAAAA!
* Girder can now open and close its GUI at will!!!!!! COOOOL! instead of only one time as seen in
the previous betas.
* Released 3.2.0 beta 7
* misc. small fixes.
* released 3.2.0 beta 8.
* added mouse accellerate function
* fixed saving of iValue3
* added getcaption
* by default have 10 pld string registers so we don't break any scripts that rely on them being strings.
* released 3.2.0 beta 9
* fixed group enable/disable crash
* slinke was compiled as debug version. darn
* release 3.2.0 beta 10
* fixed crash when switching files and events came in
* added onresume onsuspend
* fixed saving of svalue3
* fixed monitor APM failure.
* fixed some osd redraw problems.
* released 3.2.0 beta 11
* added some missing i18n stuff
* fixed onresume, sometime the computer would close before girder finished processing
* added colors to the plugin list on the settings dialog.
* allow double click on the plugins to enable them
* also send gir_start to event sending plugin when they are enabled in the settings dialog.
* set the hide girder default to false.
* added code to detect how many plugins are enabled and set the status bar accordingly.
* released 3.2.0 beta 12
* Fixed crash when enabling devices.
* made the traymenu actually use the i18n.
* released 3.2.0 beta 13, quick release becuase of very visible crash.
* Added learn event menus
* Fixed test command behaviour when one of the parent groups is disabled ( test command should work )
* added girder standby
* fixed loading of icons
* implemented highlight node
* implemented collapse all
* implemented collapse eventstrings
* released 3.2.0 beta 14
* fixed deadlock with APM functions
* fixed reset state command.
* fixed crash during delete_var. ( forgot mutex )
* Added MaxRecursionCount DWORD registery variable. ( advanced users only )
* updated the registery loading and saving to use sensible data types.. means that you need to reset you preferences.
* fixed some focus problems when closing.
* released 3.2.0 beta 15
* highlighting, fixed
* onresume, fixed
* register to clipboard and back
* fix loading, restore plds
* fixed plugin load click on the settings window, it inadvertently enabled plugins even if it should not.
* fixed reset vars.
* released 3.2.0 beta 16
* Tweaked the OSD just a little
* Modified the Splashscreen, we now see the dusk over Santa Barbara.
* added gettickcount() to the parser.
* made the large step in the mouse action use registers.
* dropped the helpfile from the download. Its outdated anyway.
* WEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAA Girder 3.2.0 is finished.
* :( 2 dumb errors, pressing cancel on the lock prompt will bypass the check
* the learnevent button is disabled for multigroups.
* release 3.2.0a
* delayed settings of trayicon, windows screws up in some versions, so much for compatibility.
* fixed targetting
* made the trayicon handling compatible with the broken geoshell trayicon implementation.
* released 3.2.0b pre
* Upgraded my bike to Reartire version 2, with breaker barrier to prevent evil glass particles from
entering the inner routines and interrupting my mode of transportation.
* Fought some more with the webhoster
* added the handle of the main window to the GIRINFO_MAINWIN_OPEN event.
* no bugs came in about the 3.2.0bpre2 so i'm releasing 3.2.1.
* Setfocus when opening the main girder window.
* made the splash configurable
* make the traymenu a little nicer
* released 3.2.2, non critical upgrade.
* released Girder 3.2.2
* fixed base64 decoding routines that cause data corruption.
* released girder 3.2.3pre1.
* replaced the base64 routines with rewritten Base64 Library. Fast, Stable and robust.
* updated the xml library.
* released 3.2.3, non critical upgrade
* #@$#$%^ & 32 the xml library had a little change breaking the duplicate function, fixed now.
* release 3.2.3a.
* Had 10 minutes time, so I fixed the commandline loading of gml files.
* fixed alarmtimer problem
* fixed a bug when closing the main window and an other window was still open, Delphi would not call
OnClose. Doing this explicitly now.
* fixed drag and drop bug (dragging parent group onto child group crashed girder)
* added get resolution
* released 3.2.4
* added DT_NOPREFIX to DrawText
* Fixed commandline loading of gml files ( again ... )
* released 3.2.5 pre 1
* Fixed problems with nullterminated strings and plugins ( Delphi has a different deffinition of them )
* Modified detection code, it now allows for girder to run in 2 different XP sessions at the same time.
* released 3.2.5 pre 2.
* Fixed F10 refresh problem
* Made the incorrect plugin error dialog a little bit more clear.
* Updated the GVMS-LUA to support sending of events:
TriggerEvent( string event, double device, string pld1, pld2, ... );
(The PLD#'s are optional so this is valid too : TriggerEvent( " hello " ,20); )
Girder events have device no 18.
* Updated the GVMS-Legacy to support updated API
* released 3.2.5 pre 3.
* added relative mouse move
* Started work on the script edit window
* worked on the script edit window
* added " reset all states command "
* fixed bug in Lua-GVMS
* Made Lua GVMS default scripting language.
* wrote SessionSwitch plugin ( for Fast Userswitch under WinXP)
* Released girder 3.2.5 pre 4.
* fixed more bugs
* scripting work
* Began work on API 2.
* released 3.2.5 pre 6
* Worked on Lyanupov Exponents and chaos synchronisation simulations ( no joke )
* fixed a return value bug on the scripting editor.
* small release on forum.
* fixed return value of parse_girder_reg ( should return size of string when
size or store are 0 or NULL.
* Added new Hungarian and Ukrainian translations.
* implemented Lua delete_var
* released 3.2.5 pre 7
* fixed zapping of script.
* set charset of the gvms_editor to DEFAULT_CHARSET.
* Updated to OpenXML 2.3.29 - & gt; Endlines are now no longer CrLf but LF. (Speed consideration)
* fixed memory leak in Lua, force garbage collect after parser runs.
* fixed loading of GML files with & amp & lt & gt etc.
* relaxed constraints on registers save files
* released 3.2.5 pre 8.
* fixed XML saving of attributes (OpenXML changed breaking stuff)
* added '*' to filename if the file changed.
* released 3.2.5 pre 9.
* Fixed more XML saving of attributes ( Again openxml changed )
* released 3.2.5 pre 10.
* implemented MarkF's idea to make it possible for normal plugins to extend the Lua environment!!
* Changed the API 2 definitions.
* released 3.2.5 pre 11.
* The xml library keeps hunting me,. now & amp; entities where translated to & #38;... pfff.
modified the code so it actually translates it correctly.
* added direct window handle notification to the plugin loading function.
* release 3.2.5 pre 11-2
* did some winXP window work, made sure everything is properly displayed.
* backed out from xp works since some of it broke nt
* fixed the displaying of the scripting editor on nt ( hopefully, can't check here )
* girder closing while scripting editor is open now uses the messagebox correctly (eg not closing when
you tell it not to.
* loaded girder into a local CVS system
* fixed WinXP display bugs
* added winxp themeing
* removed slinke.dll from default distribtion since I'm no longer maintaining it. the plugin
is available in the download section.
* released 3.2.5 pre 12, another pre because I got two bug reports that I have not been
able to confirm.
* completely reworked the Internet Event client and server
* fixed minor bug in GVMS linked list implementation.
* fought a little with the cvs server.
* Fine, that's it I'm releasing Girder 3.2.5.
* added os get volume.
* wrote Lua syntax highlighter
* updated the lua lib to allow for block comments : --[[ ... ]]
* updated the Script editor to use the syntax highlighter and exporter :-)
* released 3.2.6 pre 1
* updated lua lib to incorporate a bytecode compiler.
* updated girder to now use the lua bytecode if available, this results in faster execution
because the parser doesn't have to run.
* worked on the HTML osd
* fixed another :( OpenXML bug.
* released 3.2.5a (from CVS)
* worked more on the html Osd
* released 3.2.6 pre 2
* lots of stuff.
* released 3.2.6 pre 4.
* keyboard sending added closing code
* setfocus fixes
* released 3.2.6pre 5
* did some profiling of the XML loading routines, not much to
improve here.
* Added binary filetype for FAST loading, NOTE this filetype
is NOT compatible across girder versions and is only supplied
for user convinience.
* released 3.2.6 pre 6.
* added gireventlib
* added event.exe
* fixed html osd synchronize problems
* minor fault in OSD when pressing restore defaults it also
unchecked parse
* fixed minor mistake in Gireventlib
* fixed thread synchronization in load_registers.
* release 3.2.6a.
* fixed some stuff in the script editor
* added Registry function to lua and GetDirectory to lua
* released 3.2.6b
* fixed slight error in keyboard sending routine, thanks Mitko.
* updated XML library.
* fixed problem with binary files
* added GirderCom library.
* released 3.2.7
* Girder displayed the ID in the statusbar, removed.
* Added AfterScriptReset event
* Updated Romanian language
* Updated Polish language
* Added Latin American Spanish language
* released 3.2.7a
* whoops,.. AfterScriptReset wasn't called everytime.
* released 3.2.7b
* reworked the XML loading routines to actually accept valid formatted XML files.
* released 3.2.8 beta
* getvolume action does not remember values correctly.
* released 3.2.8 beta2
* Changed the Girder ATL library to MinDependency. (Suggestion by MMcM)
* Fixed middle click to actually send middle click.
* released 3.2.8 final
* Fixed svalue3 saving in BGR format.
* Fixed eventlib with respect to multiple girder sessions on one pc.
* Mark contributed a fix to GVMS.
* released 3.2.9 pre 1

Ing. igor cesko and atmel driver download for windows 10 64-bit

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > Copying.txt

Copyright License Girder
May 2000
& lt; [email protected] & gt;
The program below refers to Girder and any file
that is a part of Girder, in any version.
Each Licensee is addressed as " you " .
License terms:
1. You may use the program free of charge for personal use.
2. If you want to use Girder commercially you must contact R.E.M.W.Bessems
for licensing costs
3. You may not sell the program.
4. You may not make money from the program.
5. Any additions you make in the form of translations or plugins belong
to you, so does the copyright, unless otherwise agreed with R.E.M.W.Bessems.
6. You are not allow to redistribute Girder without permission of R.E.M.W.Bessems
7. This permission has to be a written permission.
This program comes with no warranty
A. Because the program is licensed free of charge there is no warranty
for the program, to the extent permitted by applicable law. The program
is provided " as is " without warranty of any kind, either expressed or
implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The enterie
risk as to the quality and performance of the program it with you.
B. In no event is R.E.M.W.Bessems, or any other party who
redistributed the program liable to you for the damages that may


GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > vb_example.txt

This is an example on how to use the girder.dll com server from
Private Sub Girder_Test()
Dim GirderEventLib As GIRDERLib.GirderEvent
Dim a(2) As String
Dim b(0 To 1) As Byte
a(0) = " Payload 1 "
a(1) = " Payload 2 "
a(2) = " Payload 3 "
b(0) = 5
b(1) = 25
Set GirderEventLib = New GirderEvent
On Error GoTo ErrLabel:
GirderEventLib.SendEventSimple " Event1-Simple " , 18
GirderEventLib.SendEvent " Event2-Normal " , 18, a
GirderEventLib.SendEventFull " Event3-Full " , 18, a, b
Exit Sub
Select Case Err.Number
Case -2147483647 ' input devices not enabled
Debug.Print " Input device not enabled "
Case -2147483648# ' girder not running
Debug.Print " Girder not Running "
Case Else
Err.Raise Err.Number, Err.Source, Err.Description, _
Err.HelpFile, Err.HelpContext
End Select
End Sub

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > ievent_readme.txt

Internet EventServer
Copyright 2002 (c) Ron Bessems
This is the replacement for the old TCPIP server.
* passwords are sent encrypted over the network
* sniffing connection is useless as the encryption cookie changes every time
* abuse protection
* subnet matching
* MAC address matching
* hostname matching
* all host allow
Configuration of the server:
- Open the settings dialog
- Go to the hardware tab
- Select the Internet Eventserver
- If the Internet Evenserver isn't checked, check it now, and press apply.
- If needed reselect the Internet Eventserver
- Press settings
Now the settings dialog of the eventserver is open.
If this computer is connected to the internet we first want to deselect
" Allow All " and only allow certain trusted hosts. See below the part
about " Allowed Hosts "
Now we want to set the Password and the port number, be sure to choose
something different from the default :-)
If you don't care about the abuse protection or are experimenting you
can turn it off. What the abuse protection does is it prevent hosts that
are guessing the password from doing this fast. If the hosts that just
tried a incorrect password connects again within 5 seconds it will get
no special error it will look as if the password it gave was incorrect.
If it keeps trying the time before the next allowed login grows linear
with the number of tries. This prevents people from brute force guessing
the password that you use on your server.
Configuration: Allowed Hosts
In the hostname box you can type the name of the host that you want to
allow. The program expects the following convention:
* Match single IP address : #.#.#.#
For example
* Match range of IP addresses: #.#.#.#/#
The first 4 number are as always the IP address number, the last
is the subnet mask, this can be 0,8,16,24 or 32. It signifies
what part of the hostname should be compared to the incoming
connection for example:
You want to allow you whole local network to access the server,
you local network has ip address in the range 131.155.#.# so
you'd type, now every ip that begins with 131.155
will match.
If you have a subnet that has 131.155.224.# as the range you'd
Taking this all the way if you only want to allow 1 host you could
type This is the same as leaving the /32 out.
Now if you want to allow the whole internet to share in the fun,
you'd type Needless to say this is not recomended.
* Match Hostname
To match a single hostname type / & lt; hostname & gt; , the slash in front
is very important, the program detects this and applies the correct
matching routines.
For example you want to allow access, now you would type
* Match MAC address.
The MAC address is the hardware address of the network card. Windows
keeps a list of these in its cache, however it does not see them
from all over the internet, so this will only work on your local
network, before the router kicks in. You can check if the MAC address
is in the hostcache by typing " arp -a " . If the number isn't in there
too bad the matching won't work.
#:#:#:#:#:# where the # are hexadecimal numbers. You can find the
MAC address of your network card through winipcfg (win9x) or
ipconfig -all ( win2k).
Configuration of the Girder Client
First make sure that the Internet Event Server client is enabled in the
settings dialog and that the Internet Server is configured properly
and enabled.
- Open the settings window
- Go to the action plugin tab
- Check the Internet Server Client
- Press apply.
Now add a command, select this and go to the plugin tab.
Select the Internet Event client and press settings.
A dialog will popup prompting you for the hostname, port,
password and eventstring. Carefully fill these in. With this
client you can connect to a Girder Internet Event server on
a different computer, thus controlling Girder from a different
Configuration of the console client
Well there isn't much to configure just open a dos box and
type " ieventc & lt; hostname & gt; & lt; port & gt; & lt; password & gt; & lt; eventstring & gt; "
of course replace the & lt; x & gt; stuff with the real values
Configuration of the php client
Just upload and use it, it is meant as an example, you can
take the function " SendEventString " out of this php file
and use it in your own projects.
Description of the Protocol
The protocol for the Internet Event server was designed with security
in mind. As such I took a good look at the APOP protocol and based
the protocol on this.
This is how it works:
* The client connects to the server
* The client sends " quintessencen " to wake the server up.
the reason for this is to prevent portscanning from finding out
that this is a Girder internet event server easily.
* The server will respond with a cookie, this is a 4 character
hexadecimal number that you will use next
* With the cookie we are now going to create the encrypted response
- first make a string & lt; cookie & gt; : & lt; password & gt;
for example the cookie was 6c2f and the password is NewDefPWD
the string would be " 6c2f:NewDefPWD " (don't use the quotes)
- Pass this string to a MD5 digest calculator, this gives you
a string like this
Send this to the server.
* If the digest was correct the server will respond with a
" acceptn "
* Now you are allowed to send any string as long as it ends
with a " n " .
So sending " hellon " will result in an eventstring of " hello "
* To close the connection you can send " closen " and close the
connection. ( This also means that close cannot be used as an
eventstring )
* If the server closes the connection it will also send " closen "
* Sending of payloads is also possible, to send a playload send this
string before the actual event. " payload & lt; payload string & gt; n " . The first
payload will be pld2. You can also send multiple payloads. Simply keep
sending the " payload & lt; payload string & gt; n " commands. ( the second payload
will get name pld3 and so on. ).
* prohibited eventstrings:
" close " , " payload "
If the server doesn't want to load or behaves strangely and you
are running Windows 95 please upgrade your winsock.
If none of the events are coming in also check your firewall.
Warning / Disclaimer
Internet servers are inherently dangerous, there is always the possibility
of abuse. Although I have been very carefull to design the protocol as
safe as possible I cannot garantuee anything, so please use with care.
I'm not responsible for any damage that occured because you used this

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > Readme.txt

Girder 3.2
Copyright 2000,2001,2002 (c) Ron Bessems
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
License and costs
Girder is a free program for personal use, as defined in the
file copying.txt. If you want to include Girder on any distribution
media, any internet site I would like to know. Commercial usage
requires a license.
Girder is very easy to install, either use the zipped version
and install Girder into some subdirectory, or use the install
version available on my homepage. Run Girder and set your
hardware type in the settings dialog. And you're off.
Note: As of version 3.2.7 Girder comes with an Com server
for VB type languages. The installer automagically registers
the Com server however for the zip version you'll have to
manually do this:
& gt; regsvr32 girder.dll
If you are upgrading from a previous version of Girder 3.2 and
are using the binary file format make sure that you export the
files as .GML files BEFORE upgrading, failing to do so might
result in non-readable files because the binary files are NOT
compatible with other versions.
Girder is fully internationalizable this has been done for
serveral languages by various people over the globe. If your
language isn't included, you could translate Girder yourself.
I've written a tool to assist in the translation, it's
available on my homepage. Of course once you translated
Girder you could send me the translation, so I can include it
in the distribution.
It's also possible to translate the helpfile of Girder.
Uwe Heidrich was the first to offer his assistance, and he
translated the helpfile to German!
Any of these translation will give you eternal fame and glory
in the thanks section and the gratitude of thousands of people
in your country.
Girder is continuously being developed by me, updates and
new plugins will be made available via my homepage.
Novel Ideas and applications
If you've got a great way to use Girder I would like to know
so I can tell other people the superb way in which Girder can
be applied.
Creating Plugins
The plugins for Girder can be written in any language that
supports C/C++ style STDCALLs and DLLs like Borland Delphi,
MS Visual C++ etc. If you've written good plugins that are
of use to mandkind don't hesitate to send them to me. Either
in source or binary form. Be sure to download the developers
package from my homepage for examples how to make the
Contact and Homepage
My homepage is
My email address is
& lt; [email protected] & gt;
I hope you enjoy Girder, if so I would like to know. Any
suggestions, comments or bugreports are welcome.
Best Wishes,
All products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective manufacturers.

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > ReadMe.En.txt


Remove all Watermark on desktop.
Such as " Evaluation Copy " , " For testing purpose only " , " Test Mode " .
Version: 0.8, 05/09/2008
Support: Windows Vista /Server 2008 /Windows 7, 64bit(x64) / 32bit(x86)
All Service Pack & all language of Windows.
Author: deepxw
Blog: (English)
It is a universal patch. Without language limited, Supports all language of windows!
Without limited of Service Pack.
This tool provides two ways to remove the watermark.
* The default method, modify user32.dll.mui. This method is safe.
In 64-bit Vista / Windows 7, It needs Re-Build MUI cache, this will take a few minutes, please wait.
* Method 2: modifies user32.dll. 100% remove all watermark. (Run program with argument " -enforce " )
But don't use Method 2 in Windows 7 6956 or later version.
It likes a unknown bug in these version of Windows.
Any modification with user32.dll in Windows 7 6956 will cause application fail to run in compatibility mode.
Windows 7 server / Vista is no problem.
1) Can operate in normal mode. Do not need to enter safe mode.
It is recommended to ensure that system files is the original files without modification. Sometimes, This patch may not be able to identify those files which have already been modified.
2) Choose the corresponding patch based on you Windows:
For 32bit(x86): RemoveWatermarkX86.exe
For 64bit(x64): RemoveWatermarkX64.exe
3) Require administrator rights. Right-click the exe file, select Run as Administrator.
4) Enter " Y " to confirm patch.
" user32.dll.mui " will be backup as windowssystem32en-USuser32.dll.mui.backup.
The string " en-US " depends on system language.
5) After patch, restart computer to take effect.
6) If " Test Mode " still exists on the desktop after log-off/reboot, you need to rebuild MUI cache.
Open RemoveWatermark, enter " R " .
Waiting for the completion of rebuild, and then restart the computer to take effect.
7) Command line / argument usages:
-silent Patch in silent mode.
-view View the string of user32.dll.mui, don't patch file.
2008.11.04 V0.2
Test in Windows Vista SP2 16497 / Windows 7 M3 6801, OK.
2008.12.10 V0.3
+ Add support argument " -silent " to patch in silent mode.
Test in Windows 7 6956, OK.
2009.01.17 V0.4
+ Support modifies user32.dll.mui to remove watermark string.
* The default method, from modify user32.dll, change to modify user32.dll.mui.
Test in Windows 7 7000, OK.
2009.03.14 V0.5
* Remove the last space of string.
2009.03.31 V0.6
+ Add a option to rebuild MUI cache.
* Modify message table.
Test in Windows 7 6.1.7068.0, OK.
2009.05.09 V0.8
+ In Windows 7 beta version, remove the string " This copy of Windows is not genuine " .
Test in Windows 7 6.1.7100.0, OK.

Ing. Igor Cesko And Atmel Driver Download For Windows 10

GIRDER RS232 or USB WinXP or > ReadMe.txt

Ing. Igor Cesko And Atmel Driver Download For Windows 10 32

???ý×??aeË(R)Ó?ͨÓ??????¨Ö§?ÖVista SP1 SP2/Server 2008/Windows 7, 32/64Î>>?(C)
?í 1/4 ????AE?? Remove Watermark (???ý×??aeË(R)Ó?ͨÓ?????)
??×÷?uÍ??? Windows Vista SP1 SP2 /Server 2008 /Windows 7
All 32bit(x86) / 64bit(x64), All Service Pack.
???ý×??aeË(R)Ó?ͨÓ???????°ü?¨?°?â?ÔÄ?? 1/2 ?????°AE???¸?? 3/4 ????°ae? 3/4 ??u?Ë?Ó?Ë(R)Ó???
???ÔÂë?é????ÄÜÖ§?Ö¸÷ÖÖSP°ae? 3/4 uÄWindows??É?ÖÁδ?´uÄSPx??
? 3/4 ?????á?(C)Á 1/2 ÖÖ? 1/2 ?¨???ýË(R)Ó???
* Ä???? 1/2 ?¨????¸Ä user32.dll.mui???â?Ç?>>¸ö°??<<uÄ? 1/2 ?¨??
ÔÚ64Î>>Vista / Windows 7 ?Â??????Ö? 1/2 ¨ MUI >>?´ae, ?ÉÄÜ???? 1/4 ¸?ÖÖÓ??ÇëÄÍ?Äu?´ý??
* ? 1/2 ?¨??????¸Ä user32.dll??100% ???ýË?Ó?Ë(R)Ó??? (?Ô?Î?ý &quot; -enforce &quot; AEô????????)
Çë?>>??ÔÚWindows 7 6956 1/4 °?Ô?ó°ae? 3/4 Ö???Ó?? 1/2 ?¨????
ÔÚWindows 7 6956 1/4 °?Ô?ó°ae? 3/4 Ö???´aeÔÚδÖ?uÄ>>?´aebug???Î?Î?ÔÎÄ 1/4 ?user32.dll uĸÄ????? 1/4 >>áÔ??ÉWindows 7Î??¨?ý????Ó? 1/4 ae?ÝÄ?? 1/2 ??
Windows 7 Server / Vista ?>>Ó??â¸öÎ??â??
1, ?É?ÔÔÚ?ý??Ä?? 1/2 ?Â??×÷??
? 3/4 ?????ÉÄÜÎ??¨?????? 3/4 ­?>>AEäËü??????¸Ä?ýuÄ?uÍ?ÎÄ 1/4 ???Ó?Ó?????Ç°?? 1/2 ¨?é??Ö¤?uÍ?ÎÄ 1/4 ?Î?Ô­°aeÎÄ 1/4 ???
2, Çë¸? 3/4 ÝÄ?uÄ?uÍ?ÔË???ÔÓ?uÄ??????
3, ?????Ü?íÔ??¨????UAC??????Ó? 1/4 üu?????????Ô??Ô?Ü?íÔ?Éí?ÝÔË????
4, ?ç???á? 3/4 ?É????????Ö?AEôÉú?§??
5, ????Ó????é???Ô?>>Ö§?ÖuÄ?uÍ????>>>>áÂ?¸Ä??
6, Í??>>?§°Ü??Çëu 1/2 windowssystem32zh-CN?? 1/2 << user32.dll.mui.backup >>Ö¸´Î? user32.dll.mui
zh-CN?Ó?uÍ?Ó??Ô???¨???ÉÄÜ?Ç en-US, zh-TW u???
?ç???Ç64Î>>?uÍ???>>?????>>Ö¸´ windowssyswow64zh-CN??
7, ?ç??×??úÖ?uÇ 1/4 /Ö?AEôuçÄÔ?ó??×??ae?Ô?>>?Ô? 3/4 Ë(R)Ó???ÄÇ?´Ä?????Ö? 1/2 ¨MUI>>?´ae??
´???RemoveWatermark????Ô? R??u?´ý?????á? 3/4 Í??É?ó??Ö??ÂAEô??uçÄÔ??É?Ö?Éú?§??
8, ?üÁî???Î?ýËu?÷??
-silent ÔË???????? 1/2 <<?>>?á? 3/4 ?????? 3/4 ?Ä?ÔË??????¸ÄÍ??É?ó×Ô??ÍË?ö??
-view 1/2 ö?é?´ÎÄ 1/4 ? user32.dll.mui Ö?uÄ×Ö??´(R)???>>??¸ÄÎÄ 1/4 ???
2008.11.04 V0.2
+ Ö§?ÖWindows 7 M3 6801 x64.
2008.12.10 V0.3
+ Ö§?Ö´??Î?ýÔË?? 3/4 ?Ä?°?×°?? -silent
* >>Ö¸´UAC×´??
(?â?ÔÔÚWindows 7 6956 É??É?Ô?ý????Ó????(C)
2009.01.17 V0.4
+ Ö§?Ö??¸Ä user32.dll.mui ???ýË(R)Ó?×Ö??´(R)??
* Ä?????¸Ä? 1/2 ?¨??´Ó??¸Äuser32.dll ¸ü>>>>Î???¸Äuser32.dll.mui???AE?ýWindows 7 uÄbug????Ö¤ 1/4 ae?Ý?Ô??
Test in Windows 7 6.1.7000.0, OK.
2009.03.14 V0.5
* É 3/4 ?ý×Ö??´(R)Ö?uÄ??¸???
2009.03.31 V0.6
+ Ôö 1/4 Ó?>>¸ö???î?? Ö? 1/2 ¨ MUI >>?´ae??
* ???í??¸Ä 1/2 ç?ae?Ô? 3/4 ????uĸ?? 1/2 ??
Windows 7 6.1.7068.0 ?â?Ôͨ?ý??
2009.05.09, V0.8
+ Ôö 1/4 Ó???ý &quot; ´Ë Windows ¸?? 3/4 ?>>?Ç?ý°ae &quot; ??
Windows 7 6.1.7100.0 ?â?Ôͨ?ý??
WindowsÖ÷?âAEAE 1/2 âͨÓ??????¨XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7, 32/64Î>>?(C)