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A windows 7 client will not work if one connects an Infomark to a Windows 7 client


Why does my Windows 7 client not connect with my CBRS Infomark IML-C4510W via USB?

Customer Environment

eNodeB Q710/Q910/Q410 established (DHCP, EMS, EPC, Sync, LTE orange) SIM card inserted in Infomark and Infomark is turned on. Other clients, EUs, already connected to network. Infomark shows CBRS LED on and connection to eNodeB.

Root Cause

Windows 7 client does not have the Infomark driver


A Windows 7 (W7) client which has not previously connected to an Infomark IML-C4510W will not connect automatically and will not be able to find the driver from the internet and thus not connect via a USB port to the W7 client. A Windows 10 client does automatically auto-detect the Infomark and this procedure is not needed.
Solution is to download the driver and run the .exe depending on whether the client is 32 or 64 bit (both options are available here).
For a 64 bit W7 client, load/execute the dpinst64.exe file attached by double clicking. For a 32 bit W7 client, load the dpinst32.exe file.
Attaching 32 and 64 driver files below.

Attachment 1

(534 KB)

Attachment 2

(656 KB)
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June 27, 2019 10:50 AM (over 1 year ago)

Answer Attachment 1
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Infomark Composite Gadget Driver

Answer Attachment 2
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