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Don’t mind, delete the copy command, and replace the driver definition path in your cups printer profile by /wfs/yourprinter.ppd The Directory /wfs/ppd seems to be gone in our actual firmware. I added it manually to =System=Firnware Customization=Custom Commands=Network=After Network DNS I added the command mkdir /wfs/ppd. Instant integration into IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) for remote support, zero-touch deployment and easy central management. Consistent updates: Software updates 4 times a year ensure constant support for the latest protocols and driver versions. How to install a printer driver for an USB printer on IGEL OS? December 12, 2018 IGEL Community Archives Hi, a customer of mine has only UD3-LX clients and asked me if it is possible to install a printer driver for an USB printer on that system. IGEL Linux v5 (latest) IGEL Linux v5; IGEL Linux v5 Manual. Default Printer Driver: Windows driver name for the printer which is automatically set up.

Hi all… How do I provision local USB printer with iGel to be mapped inside Citrix session? The printer I’m testing at the moment is Canon (SOHO) but in prod it would be HP

Profile attached

Citrix Notes

Use of the Citrix Universal printer driver ensures that all printers connected to a client can also be used from a virtual desktop or application session without integrating a new printer driver in the data center.

Auto-created client printers and Citrix Universal printer driver

For home offices where users work on non-standard workstations and use non-managed print devices, the simplest approach is to use auto-created client printers and the Universal printer driver.

Deployment summary

In summary, the sample deployment is configured as follows:

• No printer drivers are installed on Multi-session OS machines. Only the Citrix Universal printer driver is used. Fallback to native printing and the automatic installation of printer drivers are disabled.

Auto-create client printers

This setting specifies the client printers that are auto-created. This setting overrides default client printer auto-creation settings.

By default, all client printers are auto-created.

This setting takes effect only if the Client printer redirection setting is present and set to Allowed.

When adding this setting to a policy, select an option:

• Auto-create all client printers automatically creates all printers on a user device.

• Auto-create the client’s default printer only automatically creates only the printer selected as the default printer on the user device.

Sample profiles for Citrix on these two links:


We have no problem with Citrix side – all works fine from Windows and MacOS clients. I’m talking about direct attached printers to iGel devices via USB port.

Here is another note: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/cups-mapping-local-printer-to-citrix-or-rdp-sessions-32870413.html

I did that and it is what’s in profile I shared here. However printer is not getting detected by iGel device. If I open local browser and try to print I get only “print to file”

I created support case, but unfortunately we are not eligible for normal support and will have to wait 3 business days until someone responds.

Here is another note that may help — support.citrix.com/article/CTX140208

We have that sorted out – it’s nothing to do with Citrix – iGel does not detect printer and therefore it’s not passed to Citrix.

Oh… Does the OS see the USB device (open terminal as root –> # lsusb

Once you can see the printer from USB — Then add it as a CUPS printer and then open browser and go to:


and print a test page.

Cool… So IGEL OS sees the printer. Now add it as CUPS printer and add it as a CUPS printer and then open browser and go to:

Igel Os Driver


and print a test page.

The problem was that we had firmware customization which removed all features that were not in use, including CUPS

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