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  1. NBX Call Reports NBX Call Reports, a Windows client program, is a standard feature of 3Com Networked Telephony Solutions. Call Reports allows you to save calling data about inbound and outbound calls, present it in a report, or export it to spreadsheets, word processors, or reporting programs. Page 22: Nbx Netset Administration Utility.
  2. Physical Devices – Each NBX telephone, each channel on a Digital Line Card, and each port on an Analog Line Card counts as one device. Additional physical device limits are listed in the table later in this topic. Software “Devices” (Applications) – The NBX Media Driver application counts as one device.

Over 20 years of service

A “geek” is someone who loves technology. At NBXGeeks — since 1999, the technologies we love are the NBX and VCX Business Phone systems from 3Com Corporation. And our passion is providing VCX and NBX tech support. We never stopped our “love affair” with the NBX, and we never stopped supporting the NBX. Thirteen years after factory support for the NBX and VCX Phone platforms were discontinued we continue to support both.

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And we do it all! Moves, adds, changes, systems redesign, dial plans software, and hardware upgrades…we do it all

We can help you move the current phone design of your NBX or VCX phone system onto a modern “hosted” or “cloud-based” platform

We still sell NBX and VCX licenses. We know that no one else sells these licenses

We also sell hardware, parts and new phones for NBX and VCX

We can provide support for NBX and VCX phone system after hours — we provide support 24/7. We know that no one else provides this support


We have Certified Techs that Still Support VCX VoIP Phone system

We have Certified Techs that Still Support NBX VoIP Phone system

We are experts at providing remote support to VoIP customers nationally. We have installed and supported over 5,000 VoIP systems worldwide. We can provide you with support on an individual incident basis or sign you up for an annual support contract.

Remote control support

Components replacement

24/7 emergency service

Hardware / software upgrades

Moves / Adds / Changes (MACs)

During the call, we use secure remote login technology to solve your problems, including troubleshooting systems, device configuration, cybersecurity implementation, and traffic optimization.

Drivers Nbx E11/s2

They installed an efficient and user-friendly phone system in our synagogue. They listened to our needs and has provided a phenomenal product with excellent responsive support (you will speak to a real live human who knows what they're doing!).
I highly recommend NBXGeeks.


Small Issue

The issue is for development, extension, or non-critical request. Issues that do not affect the functionality of the phone system or data networks.

Medium Issue

The customer is still in service, but the infrastructure is damaged. Timely measures should be taken. Half or more phones are down. Voicemail, reception phone, and apps are not available.

Urgent Issue

Driver Nbx Del Gobierno

Phone system disconnection. Extreme sway on business. The phone system is completely disabled, calls to the main one remain unanswered.


Do I need to purchase NBX Phone Licenses along with the NBX Phones?

Sometimes, and it depends on the 3000 series phone you want to use on your IP 3Com phone system.

How much Voicemail is included in the NBX V3000?

An NBX V3000 system can support up to 48 simultaneous VTL connections.

How many NBX devices can the NBX V3000 support?

The V3000 can support up to 1500 devices.
What Counts Toward the Total Device Limit?
The total device count on an NBX system includes physical devices and certain software applications:

  • Physical Devices – Each NBX telephone, each channel on a Digital Line Card, and each port on an Analog Line Card counts as one device. Additional physical device limits are listed in the table later in this topic.
  • Software “Devices” (Applications) – The NBX Media Driver application counts as one device. Each installation (client) of the pcXset Soft Telephone application counts as one device.

What Does NOT Count Toward the Total Device Limit?
The NBX systems do not count most applications toward the total device limit, although some may be governed by license limits. Examples: voice mail ports, automated attendant ports, Call Park zones, System Speed Dials, and any other item with “None” in the second column…

Is the NBX V3000 Compatible with my existing NBX hardware and software?

Yes, and we can customize a solution for you to use existing 3Com IP phone equipment.

This Core charge allows for up to 60 minutes of support for one session, after that you will be billed per minute during the same session. Over 99% of customer problems are resolved in the first hours.

They saved us so much time and money
over the last 10 years…

We tried working with different companies and finally found NBXGeeks. At first, we thought the entire process of updating our phone system is going to be difficult and expensive, but they made everything easy and support is great… very importantly, the technology is always up to date and the price is affordable. Outstanding experience with this company. Highly recommended!