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  • To install a new ICC or ICM file, click the “Browse” button, browse to the ICC or ICM file you want to install, and double-click it. The color on your monitor will change as soon as you start using the new profile. You will see the color profile you installed appear in the list of profiles associated with the device.
  • The.icc file will not open. When your printer goes to print, it checks a specific folder for any.icc files and will display the print profiles that correlate with those.icc profiles. So once you unzip the file, you will need to move the.icc file into the folder that your computer looks for the.icc profiles.

This is caused by a service that is part of the Intel graphics drivers. NVIDIA's Optimus technology works by using the advance graphics capabilities of an NVIDIA GPU for heavy graphics related tasks but on Windows startup and for basic simple tasks, your Optimus enabled notebook uses the onboard Intel integrated graphics controller. The Intel graphics drivers includes a service which overrides the ICC profile you configure through Windows. You may disable this service by doing the following:

1) Click on the Windows Start button

Drivers ICC Laptops & desktops

2) in the Search field, type 'msconfig' and the press ENTER.

3) The Microsoft System Configuration window will load


Do note, uninstalling the Intel Graphics Driver from Win32 CPanel will not flag ICC as unwanted, so on the next driver installation, Windows will attempt to retreive ICC. I found the best way to force this behaviour is to have the Intel driver installed disconnected from the internet, restart, and now connecting the mahine and letting it idle.

4) Click on the Startup tab and search for the service Intel Persistence Module (filename of this service is igfxpers.exe). Uncheck the box to stop this item from starting on Windows startup. Press the OK button.

5) Now, your ICC profiles should remain after logging into Windows. Please note, you will have to repeat this procedure each time you reinstall/update your Intel display drivers. You do not have to repeat this process if you only update the NVIDIA display drivers as this is not caused the NVIDIA drivers. You should not lose any functionality by disabling this service however if you prefer having this service, you may go back into the System Configuration panel and check the box for the Intel Persistence Module.

Installing an ICC Color Profile is super easy, and I'll step you through everything you need to do here.

Download or Create your Profile

Drivers Icc Laptops & Desktops Best Buy

Drivers ICC Laptops & desktops

An ICC Color Profile is a standardized set of data that characterizes a color output of different devices, either display or print. What does that mean for you? Basically, the ICC Color Profile tells either your display or printer to show colors in certain ways.

Drivers ICC Laptops & Desktops

Finding the right ICC Color Profile for your purposes is dependent on what you need from your color profile. If you are adjusting the color gamut of your computer monitor or TV, I'd recommend checking with the manufacturer for specific color profiles for their devices. Note that this guide mainly applies for Installing & Using your ICC Color Profile in Print. You can read about how to install your ICC Profile for displays here!

If you are working with sublimation, you can click here to explore the ICC Color Profiles we have for download. We've collected color profiles from the major Sublimation Ink suppliers, so hopefully your profile is listed. If not, let us know and we can try and grab that profile for you!

Note that a manufacturer provided color profile will never be perfect! Colors can be very complicated, and if exact colors are needed, it is recommended to build a custom color profile for your ink, substrate, and printer!

Install your Profile

  1. Download ICC Color Profile
  2. Right-Click and select Install Profile
  3. Open your printing preferences by selecting the Start key and going to Settings
    • Select Devices
    • Select Printers & Scanners and choose your preferred printer and click Manage
    • Select Printing Preferences
  4. In your Printing Preferences, go to More Options > Color Correction and select Custom
  5. Under Color Correction, select Advanced and select No Color Management
  6. Save your Settings

Now you are all setup to begin using your new Color Profile! Printers come with their own color management, so we have to make sure we override those settings and use our own instead.

Use your Profile

DesktopsDrivers ICC Laptops & Desktops

Now that we have our color profile installed and setup, it's time to put it to use! Note that every program is different, I'll be showing how to enable your color profile using Photoshop CC. Click here to buy and install Photoshop.

  1. Open Photoshop CC
  2. Select your file and go to File > Print or hit Ctrl + P to open your print settings
  3. Under Color Management, select Photoshop Manages Color from the Color Handling dropdown
  4. Under Color Management, select the Color Profile you want to use from the Printer Profile dropdown
    • You can go ahead and leave Black Point Compensation left enabled. We'll go over this in another post in the future
  5. Go ahead and print! You're all ready to use your new profile

Drivers Icc Laptops & Desktops Refurbished

That's it!

Drivers Icc Laptops & Desktops Desktop

ICC Color Profiles are very important, and can drastically effect your print! You can read more about ICC Color profiles here! Color profiles are a rather complicated subject, but we break down all the basics about Color Profiles. We release new How-To's and guides all the time, so check back with us for more information on ICC Color Profiles and Sublimation!