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For me, and for a lot of others, the update function in Phoscon gateway don’t update firmware on the connected ConBee/ConBee II.
Because of this the firmware needs to be downloaded and updated manually. The easiest way of doing this is in Windows 10.
This is a short how-to on how you do it.

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  1. Disconnect your ConBee or ConBee II from your deCONZ system.
  2. On a windows 10 PC download the latest deCONZ for Windows setup file and install it.
    deCONZ_Setup_Win32_V2_05_79.exe 25-Jul-2020.exe is the latest at the time of writing this post.
    To download follow this url:
    If you get this warning during installation select “Run anyway“.
  3. Download the last firmware available for your ConBee or ConBee II at this URL:
    Firmware for for ConBee starts with deCONZ_Rpi_ and firmware for ConBee II starts with deCONZ_ConBeeII_.
    At the time of writing this post these are the newest firmware files available:
    ConBee: deCONZ_Rpi_0x26350500.bin.GCF
    ConbeeII: deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26580700.bin.GCF
  4. Move the downloaded firmware file to C:Program Files (x86)deCONZbin.
  5. Insert the ConBee or ConBee II in the Windows 10 PC and wait at least 10 seconds before going to the next step.
  6. Open Windows Command Prompt (CMD) and run the following command to work from the correct directory:
    cd 'C:Program Files (x86)deCONZbin'
  7. Run the following command to check the COM-port number for the USB interface (Listed under “Path”):
    GCFFlasher -l
  8. Flash it with the new firmware using the following command.
    (Replace X with COM number and Y with firmware filename)
    ConBee: GCFFlasher -d COMX -f Y
    GCFFlasher -d COM3 -f deCONZ_Rpi_0x26350500.bin.GCF

    ConBee II: GCFFlasher -d COMX -t 60 -f Y
    GCFFlasher -d COM3 -t 60 -f deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26580700.bin.GCF

  9. Flashing will begin and should show SUCCESS when done.
  10. Unplug the ConBee/ConBee II and insert it in the main deCONZ system and verify that the firmware is updated.

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Done 🙂

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Download Mueller Elektronik Driver Download


Download Mueller Elektronik Driver Installer

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