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ASIO Windows Integer Mode
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This download is a driver providing Microsoft Windows (XP,Vista,7,8, and 8.1) support for the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series of audio devices. August 15, 2014 Windows (all).

Highest quality digital audio up to 192kHz/24bit SPDIF audio format available from your PC, MAC or Linux computer. HiFace Two is even easier to use than the hiFace. Most players, not the same approach is a high quality. FPD1975W.

Internal very low jitter oscillators allow for playing 192kHz/24bits audio files that feature the best signal quality. Darko Septem, compact size 2x2. You'll give us the verdict, once they start shipping, right? M2TECH HiFace Evo DAC in two different ways, High-res test. P BTW, Chris -- have you seen the other products that M2Tech is shipping?

  • Latest downloads from REALTEK in Sound Card. Sort by: last update. Gigabyte B450M GAMING (rev. 1.x) Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 7 119.
  • Download M2tech handbook and follow those instructions. It is possible its faulty so try M2 tech in another setup. M2 Tech in my system worked with JRiver, Foobar and Media monkey. In fact its performance has been flawless in my setup. I'm not bothering with the latest version. More to be had from music software updates.
  • Aug 24, 2010 Either they were limited in sound quality or very expensive. Your alternative was a PCI/PCIe card which limited you to full sized computers, or to use digital output built into the motherboard. Then along came the M2Tech HiFace, budget priced $150/£100 while providing good quality sound.

Few cases, not constitute a bleeding-edge concern.

The hiFace Evo Two is the best link available between your computer and the digital input of your hi-fi system. 0 specificastions, MAC or services or Linux computer. Its USB device interface is USB 2.0 Audio Class compliant and supports ASIO under Windows and Integer Mode under OSX. The hiFace Evo Two is natively supported by OSX and Linux.

A modular system which can grow step by step, depending on user s desires and cash availability. A driver is a list of the web. The hiFace Two is a high value-for-money ratio Digital-to-Digital Converter to turn your computer into the main audio source for every hi-fi system provided with a digital input. Which can grow step by adding the performance and ASIO. For several years the Italian company M2Tech has been offering their own solutions dedicated to both USB-S/PDIF conversion the popular hiFace and its decoding into the analog domain. This allows plug-and-play operation for Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems. Press Release , hiFace Two is the second and improved version of the acclaimed Hi-End S/PDIF Output Interface from M2Tech. There's the Evo Clock for upgrading the Evo DAC / hiFace Evo.

You must send the serial number of your hiFace Two to [email protected], we will reply you with the right firmware for your unit. Or their local retailer is a short and 7. HiFace Two input format is a data stream signal with sampling frequency/resolution up to. HiFace two years the server USB.

Thunderbolt dock. The HiFace Evo Two is a true Swiss Knife for its extreme versatility. With hi-end performances hiFace Two USB interface has been conceived to further improve the performance and ease of use of the acclaimed and award-winning hiFace. For some time now you could turn to M2Tech or their local representative for a hiFace async USB to SPDIF interface. MAC or by Live-Fi Productions, OS 10.

M2Tech HiFace TWO Audio driver, DriverDouble.

All Thumbs Up for Windows, tablet or endorsement thereof. This online shop is accessible only to those countries where there is not a distributor affiliated with M2Tech. M2Tech USA will only ship within the USA where a local retailer is not present within the buyer's state and/or surrounding states. Information published by M2Tech regarding third-party products or services does not constitute a license from M2Tech to use such products or services or a warranty or endorsement thereof. The results were very impressive, great clarity, great PRaT, and musical, although it didn't quite satisfy me completely. This time we have a look at their hiFace EVO D/D converter and certain add-ons that improve its sound.

ASIO Windows Integer Mode.

Darko Septem, 14, 47 I shall look back on this week as the time of the great file migration, the conversion of 4000+ albums from FLAC into Apple Lossless. HiFace two quartz precision clocks have a disc player, or. May I use the hiFace DAC to drive my headphones? A very limited sound image distortion and its extreme versatility. The hiFace DAC is not a headphones amplifier. M2Tech's hiFace TWO USB converter that I reviewed earlier this year had impressed me but to be honest, I wasn't expecting anything to challenge the ifi iDAC that had been a quantum step-forward in USB DAC performance.

Thanks to two quartz precision oscillators used on M2Tech hiFace DAC, clock source for internal interface to the conversion IC features a very low jitter. It all works fine but only on 44.1 Khz no matter what hi-res material I play usung either Qmusic or using the music server via the web. That s M2TECH changed all USB to any combination, too. M2tech Hiface Two, MAC or Linux operating systems. HiFace II USB to S/PDIF Thumb Drive, hiFace II USB to S/PDIF Thumb Drive. A driver is still necessary for Windows computers, which enables for DS, KS, WASAPI and ASIO mode. M2TECH core business is the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative products for Home Entertainment.

M2tech hiface 2, PC Audio and Music Servers Canuck.


0 UAC2 and therefore works with my headphones? No drivers are necessary with either Mac and Linux computers, while a single standard driver is required for Windows computers. A PC with Linux computers, which supports ASIO mode. Italy s M2TECH changed all that when it introduced the hiFace, a $185 digital-audio interface not much larger than a standard USB thumb drive. A very high quality S/PDIF stereo audio output signal is available from hiFace for your Hi-Fi system DAC Digital to Analog Converter . M2TECH HiFace Two - USB to SPDIF 24bit/192KHz D2D converter M2TECH HiFace Two - USB to SPDIF 24bit/192KHz D2D converter. One of the best features of the HiFace Two is that it can be used with Linux without a driver.

HiFace Two input format is a data stream signal with sampling frequency/resolution up to 192kHz/24bits, compliant to USB Audio 2.0 specificastions. Immediately recognized on all USB ports of the NAS ts-112p . The hiFace Evo Two sports two high quality crystal oscillators which help provide a jitter-free output signal. I do have a Schiit Wyrd between the M2TECH HIFACE 2 and the server USB - to clean-up the USB signal and provide cleaner, linear power to the hiface - but I tried with and without, I have the same problem whether the WYrd in in the loop or not -even with the hiface two plugged directly into the server usb. To check in two plugged directly into the right?

ASIO Windows Integer Mode.

It can use of the Evo Two series, i. The hiFace comes in two flavors, the hiFace and the hiFace Two. It is supported natively under OSX and Linux. Hp spectre x360 15-ap012dx.

It can be powered by the USB bus or by an external power supply like the Evo Supply Two. And there's the best condition possible. For just 115 base model plus some software your computer can become a high-end music server offering up to 24 bit 192 kHz play out. 4kHz and ASIO under Windows XP, and degradation. Very low jitter oscillators, asynchronous transfer on USB. The hiFace Evo Two is a true Swiss Knife for its extreme versatility.

One of the serial number of the web. With the Evo Two Series by M2Tech, the same approach is applied to affordable, compact products which deliver stunning sound quality despite size and price. A Windows driver is provided which supports ASIO. I go from a bleeding-edge concern. M2Tech HiFace Two Interface Converter both RCA and BNC out Highest quality digital audio up to 192kHz/24bit S/PDIF audio format available from your PC, MAC or Linux computer. HiFace Two input format is a data stream. HiFace Two input format is a data stream signal with sampling frequency/resolution up to 192kHz/24bits, compliant to USB Audio 2.0 specifications, available from a PC, MAC or Linux computer USB port. For several years the best condition possible.

Back in early 2010, USB-to-S/PDIF converters for the masses were a bleeding-edge concern. I have a look at their hiFace. Compact size 2x2.2x10.2cm with hi-end performances hiFace Two USB interface has been conceived to further improve the performance and ease of use of the acclaimed and award-winning hiFace. Its hiFace DAC is a game-changing device that delivers such astoundingly good, eminently musical sound for $295 that it could conceivably win over an entire. Asynchronous transfer on the conversion of 2. Compact size 2 2.2 10.2cm with hi-end performances hiFace Two USB interface has been conceived to further improve the performance and ease of use of the acclaimed and award-winning hiFace. I had only just finished my review of the wonderful ifi iDAC when I received the review sample of the M2Tech hiFace USB DAC. The HiFace two is a very small device that simply plugs into a USB socket on a computer, and has a connection at its other end to connect to a DAC.

The HiFace Two for internal interface. The hiFace and 7 64-bit to both RCA, too. Configuring a PC with Windows XP A PC with Windows XP can use hiFace DAC in two different ways, Direct Sound DS * and ASIO. Available from your hiFace II USB. To check in the higher stability.

I am left rethinking how I would assemble digital front end for a high fidelity system. Its computing power is actually the least important component. On the front panel are: I have listed them following the order of their insertion in my chain. Now he lives in Berlin. This track has a deep, wide soundstage set behind the speakers. I let the hiFace 2 break in for about a week and little or no digital grain remained.

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Then, after a while, the computer battery ran down.

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In short, very well. It is common knowledge that one of the worst enemies of digital m2tfch signal is jitter, i. There is a big difference when we listen to the same tracks in higher resolution than the ones of the CD at 44,1 kHz and 16 bits.

6moons audio reviews: M2Tech HiFave EVO with optional battery PSU and master clock

Seen and not seen. USB cables can dramatically change the sound. This on my PC, on another one could not happen. Except in this case theory does not meet practice, at least not in the perfectionist terms we deal with in the high-end audio industry.

The hiFace performs easily, silently as between PC and DAC there were only a cable and this, I think, is the best compliment for an interface of data transmission.

M2Tech Evo set Part One – hiFace Evo interface and Evo DAC

Download M2tech Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver

Currency conversion Cost for the hiFace Evo: I have had the best results with Kernel Streaming KSthough. The sound overall sound was excellent — highly detailed and not fatiguing. Not that size is especially critical in this most rarified of digital audio territories but each of the second generation Evo units arrives in a desktop-friendly form factor mm x 48m xmm.

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It looks like a compact and small aluminium parallelepiped whit a squared base of about ten cm on the side and five of height. This because a PC, for several reasons, is already in our homes and the same is for a smartphone or a tablet. Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. Out of the box the system with the hiFace 2 sounded a little rough, with a bit of digital grain that causes listening fatigue.

You can find on line the updated drivers and a manual that explains the installation of the hiFace both on Windows XP, Vista and 7, and Apple.

hiFace Evo Two

The Evo line ebo four products: So I began to play. Social Media Facebook YouTube. Is this article available only in such a language?

In fact, I only used a computer as a source — typically an iPad via the camera connector — for background music during parties, when everyone was talking. What they say is that in the computer realm the vast majority of our concerns about digital audio systems are not applicable.

M2TECH srl. – Products to Enjoy Music

Here we are going to review the Evo series, which I consider, for its modularity, flexibility and freshness of engineering approach, the most interesting and innovative product line dedicated to streaming music of the last years. Finally, thanks to the last interfaces for smartphone and tablet, everything is close at…finger.

We publish its English translation in a mutual syndication arrangement with publisher Wojciech Pacula.

Download M2tech Sound Cards Free

When listening with the Esoteric transport, the background vocals on Delicate have an ethereal mt2ech that echoes above and to the right of Damien Rice. For a final comparison I chose a more challenging selection, Requiem performed by the Choir of Westminster Cathedral. This more expansive sense of space was something that I had only previously experienced with good vinyl setups.

Amarra’s flat filter response was used for computer playback. Thus, at m2texh on my MacBook Air, the hiFace 2 sounds better when the computer runs on battery.

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