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Import all your goals, plans, projects and assignments in LeaderTask – feel a surge of energy! Let LeaderTask keep your tasks and remind you of them and you will be able to think of new ideas and goals.

Every day LeaderTask helps thousands of people achieve their goals

Our users accomplished more than 100 million of tasks
More than 500 thousand of users joined LeaderTask
5 mln of projects initiated
12 years in the market of planners
100 mln of tasks created
Used in 54 countries of the world
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1000+ of companies all over the world trust their teamwork to LeaderTask. They are state institutions, enterprises, nonprofit organisations and small businesses.
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Tools of high productivity

Stop forgetting
Work remotely
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Keep all tasks always with you
The first secret of the super productivity is to do only the main things. LeaderTask allows you to do only what can produce real results. Remember the Pareto principle - 20% of tasks come to 80% of your results.
Feature 'Focus' will help you concentrating on the main.
LeaderTask reminds you beforehand so you can have time to be prepared. Set reminders to tasks and no urgent matter escapes.
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Assign as many tasks as possible to your teammates. LeaderTask will help you manage all tasks assigned to your team and control the progress of any assignment by using chats right in tasks.
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Organize a remote work with your team. LeaderTask allows you to control the workflow wherever you are.

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Manage your teamwork in shared projects. You can even stop follow changes there and at times just check them to give a feedback.
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Use the calendar to plan your meetings and conferences. LeaderTask has a classic calendar displaying by the hour and by the week. Also there is a planning for the month or the year.
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Download Leader Laptops & Desktops Drivers

LeaderTask can work offline. You can continue working even in a plane or in the road. Just keep creating and assigning tasks, attaching files and writing in chats. All changes will be synchronized when are online again.
LeaderTask is going to be always with you - it works on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Anytime you know what is the most important, what to think over and what should be assigned. LeaderTask is your assistant - never forgets anything and works day and night.
LeaderTask owns all features to organize any workflow by any time management system: Getting Things Done of David Allen, Agile, AutoFocus, DIT (Do It Tomorrow), SCRUM, Time Management System of Brian Tracy, Pareto Principle and many other…
LeaderTask is a task manager champion. It has a huge number of features like tasks, projects, teamwork, contacts, tags, colors, shared projects, access to tasks, focus, statuses, chat in tasks, files in tasks, checklists, reminders, timing, filter system, sorting... Such a great function system will allow you invent your own time management system.

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