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Globalization, digitalization and mobility – all of these drivers contribute to the evolving landscape of identity and security. With identity fraud on the rise, consumers need – and are demanding – secure identification credentials that leverage the latest biometric technology. By implementing IDEMIA’s broad range of U.S. Aadhaar eKYC is a service offered under Aadhaar project by UIDAI department of Government of India. Under this service organizations can establish the positive Identity of their customers by validating their Name, Address and other information against their Biometric Identity with Aadhaar data center.

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Device drivers for L-1 Identity devices. In this download process OTP is received on registered mobile no. Resident can also use TOTP to download e-Aadhaar. Download Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB-UHE Device Driver. Download L-1 Identity Solutions DFR2080 FDU01 USB Isoch Mode Driver. L-1 Identity Solutions AgileTP VDM for Aadhaar is an application released by the software company L-1 Identity Solutions - Biometric Division. Some people choose to remove it. This is efortful because doing this manually requires some skill related to removing Windows programs manually.


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Download L-1 Identity Usb Devices Driver Windows 7

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DFR 2100 Single Finger Reader from L-1 Identity Solutions is an optical USB 2.0 fingerprint scanner intended for large-scale applications.

Scanner's manufacturer specifies that DFR 2100 is able to scan problematic fingers (dry etc.) and is able to minimize artifacts like dirt or latent fingerprints. Scanner's ergonomic design helps to position fingers correctly.

Support modules for this scanner are included in MegaMatcher 12.1 SDK, MegaMatcher On Card 11.2 SDK, VeriFinger 12.1 SDK and Free Fingerprint Verification SDK.


Scanner NameDFR 2100 Single Finger Reader
ManufacturerL-1 Identity Solutions, Inc.
ConnectionUSB 2.0
Supported OS (*)Microsoft Windows (32-bit & 64-bit);
the 64-bit OS support is limited to 32-bit applications only
Resolution500 ppi
Image capture area (Platen size)25 x 25 mm (1' x 1')
Fingerprint image size500 x 500 pixels
Sensor typeOptical
Device size113 x 71 x 185 mm (4.4' x 2.8' x 7.3')
Device weight620 grams (1.4 lbs.)
Operating temperature5°C ~ +40°C
Operating humidity20-80 % (non-condensing)

* These operating systems are supported by Neurotechnology SDKs. Device manufacturers may have different lists of supported operating systems.

Neurotechnology Solution Partners use this scanner in

DFR 2100 scanners are used in GS AFIS Version II 2007 – a multi-biometric solution for El Salvador's National Passport System. GS AFIS was created by General Security El Salvador – a Neurotechnology Solution Partner and distributor in El Salvador.

A case study (PDF) with more details on GS AFIS is available.

Download L-1 Identity Usb Devices Drivers

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