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JVS-C300Q released by Jovision is the first WD1
(Resolution 960×576) USB DVR in the world. JVS-C300Q

JVS-C300Q released by Jovision is the first WD1 (Resolution 960×576)
USB DVR in the world. JVS-C300Q applied the USB port for data transmission
which is very convenient for user to install and operate. Jovision
-C300Q has great advantages such as Plug&Play, compact design, easy to
connect, no need for disassembling the mainframe, no need for power
adapter, etc. Compatible to various laptop or
PC with USB 2.0 interface, Jovision JVS-C300Q can form a portable
Video&Audio server with laptop or PC, which is especially suitable for
outdoor, activity center, small working environment, etc.
Besides, Jovision JVS-C300Q is based on Jovision CloudSEE technology,
and users just need to input one unique CloudSEE ID of this device for
remote view on PC, Laptop, mobile phone, etc. Incorporated with Sony
Effio camera, the visual field of JVS-C300Q can be added by 33% and
users shall have completely new and excellent experiences of video monitoring.
Model JVS-C300Q
Video Input 4 channel
Audio Input 4 channel
Video Standard PAL/NTSC
Video Compression H.264
Previewing Resolution 4 channels
PAL(D1:704*576 WD1:960*576
NTSC(D1:640*480 WD1:960*480
Playback Resolution 4 channels
PAL(D1:704*576 WD1:960*576
NTSC(D1:640*480 WD1:960*480
Previewing fps
4 channel:PAL:12.5FPS/NTSC:15FPS
Playback fps 4 channel:PAL:12.5FPS/NTSC:15FPS
Compression Bit Rate 16K~2Mbps adjustable
Sampling Capacity 10 bit
Power Consumption Less than 3W
Video Input Interface BNC port
Audio Input Interface RCA port
USB DVR Interface
USB port
With functions of Privacy Masking, Motion Detection, E-mail alert, etc.
Supports remote view through IE
Supports CV,CC,WebCC for remote view
Supports iPhone,iPad,Android Phone,etc.
Previewing resolution WD1 or D1,and compression resolution can be WD1,D1,WCIF,or CIF.
Video preview applied the Direct Draw technology and video compression standard is H.264.
Applies the newly developed CloudSEE transmission platform.
Adopts new coding and decoding technology with excellent performance
Using the newly designed UI(User Interface).
Applies USB2.0 interface, and compatible to various PC and laptop
Supports PAL and NTSC
With function of Dual-stream.
  1. Download Jovision Usb Devices Driver Windows 7
  2. Download Jovision Usb Devices Drivers

Download Jovision Usb Devices Driver Windows 7


Download Jovision Usb Devices Drivers

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