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The DIO driver works on pins and ports which are configured by the PORT driver. DIO driver: provides services for reading and writing to/from DIO channels (pins), DIO ports, DIO channel groups ICU (Input Capture Unit) driver: for demodulation of a PWM signal, counting pulses, measuring of frequency and duty cycle, generating simple interrupts. Outline “IEEE1394driverV1065.exe” is a device driver for our thermography of IEEE1394 (self-extracting files). The following steps should help with the installation please.

Infrared Thermal Imager IEEE1394 Driver Program : Free
[Software name] : [File name]IEEE1394driver_V1065.exe (self-extracting)
“IEEE1394driver_V1065.exe” is a device driver for our thermography of IEEE1394 (self-extracting files).
The following steps should help with the installation please.
1) “Device Manager” to appear.
Then “Imaging Device” in the “NEC San-1394 TH7100 Handy Camera” Select the right mouse button menu. From the menu “Update Driver Software...”.
2) “Hardware Update Wizard” displays.
Then “Browse my computer for driver software” and select the “Next” button.
3) Then “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” and select “Next” button.
4) “Have Disk ...” the document referenced in the driver dialog to specify a preferenceInfrared camera driver (IEEE1394driver_V1065.exe unzipped first), please specify and install.
Downloading (free)
– IEEE1394 Infrared Thermal Imager for drivers
[Version] : [File name]IEEE1394driver_V1065.exe (Self-extract application) (EXE:214KB)
: Download Infratec Datentechnik Driver UpdaterDownload Infratec Datentechnik Driver

Customers are international corporations, research institutes and governmental offices, as well as may small-business enterprises. But also small graphic bureaus, advertising agencies, photographers and print shop providers are using PosterJet successful for their business.

Download Infratec Datentechnik Driver Windows 7

Download Infratec Datentechnik Driver

Long-time experience

Eisfeld Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG has a consecutive positive growth within the last twenty years. Established as a consulting company for the LFP-business, the company evolved dynamically in the following years and soon the company started the software development to complete the business line.

Download Infratec Datentechnik Driver

This business developed very successful and today the high-performance RIP-solution PosterJet is the primary business of the company. Close relationships with worldwide market leaders in the LFP-business allow the engineering of optimal printer plug-ins for a number of different printers.

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An important element in the company strategy of Eisfeld Datentechnik is the consistent cooperation with international technology-, sales- and service-partners. Through long-term partnerships and technological alliances with Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Epson, and other well-known companies, Eisfeld Datentechnik has build a powerful network to develop modern RIP-solutions and to help specify the standards of tomorrow.


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Developing innovative software, which is perfectly adjusted to the needs of the user, is the vision of the Eisfeld Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Using latest technologies and developing innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our customers build the foundation for helping accelerate and optimize the complex tasks in the world of professional large-format printing. With continuity and the commitment to innovate, Eisfeld Datentechnik has become one of the leading developers and manufacturer of professional RIP-solutions.